Date Visited: July 28 2014

Address: 1626 W Broadway  Vancouver, BC V6J1X6


Type of Restaurant: Japanese, Izakaya, Bar, Tapas, Snack Bar

Price Range: $$-$$$

Background: Part of the Kingyo, Rajio group

Ambiance (out of five): 4/5 – Lively atmosphere

Setting/Design: Comfortable seating, chic design

Overall: 7.5/10

(1-4: will never come back, 5: pass (I’m okay with a tinier morsel), 6: acceptable, 7: okay, 8: good, 9: Wow! Please enlarge my morsel. 10: Perfection. I could eat a morsel of this every day!)

Will come back? Maybe for dinner to try some of the other dishes they don’t offer during lunch

What I ate:


Welcome to Suika Lunch Salad

  • Bit too much sauce for my liking, but it was complimentary so you can’t complain


Katsu Curry

  • 7/10
  • Portion was bigger than I had anticipated
  • The curry was not as sweet as most Japanese curries, it was actually a bit too sour for my liking
  • But the thickness of the curry was enjoyable
  • The rice must have been left on the plate for some time because it seemed hard
  • The veggies added a nice healthy component to the dish
  • The pork katsu was dry and definitely fried for too long
  • The pork was overcooked and not a good piece of pork, lacked fat and flavour and sadly the outside wasn’t even crispy


Hellz Chicken (Deep fried and tossed with the original hellz sauce (hot sauce, vinegar, jalapeno, garlic etc.)

  • 7.5/10
  • Again no crunch from the outside, even if it is covered in sauce, if it is fried well it should be crispy
  • The sauce is the only hellish part of the dish but it actually wasn’t that spicy
  • Don’t get me wrong, it was spicy, but not to the point where I needed galloons of water
  • The sauce was overpowered by the vinegar, the balance of sour and spicy wasn’t present (needs more jalapeno to bring out the spiciness and freshness)


Matcha crème brulee frozen with red bean sauce

  • 8/10
  • I’ve been anticipating to eat this dish ever since the restaurant opened but never had a chance
  • Finally that day has come and I have to say, I was a bit disappointed (Maybe I waited too long)
  • The crisp brulee top was very nice – it was crunchy along with caramel flavour which when melted in your mouth went very well with the green tea
  • The matcha crème brulee itself lacked creaminess and richness
  • The matcha flavour was not strong enough, it was there, just not prominent
  • The red bean sauce did not add much to the dish flavour wise, if it is written on the menu I would prefer it if they tried to incorporate it better to accompany the dish

Summary: Portions aren’t very big, food was mediocre. I prefer Kingyo over Suika and Rajio

Suika on Urbanspoon


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