Date Visited: November 19 2014
Address: 1054 Alberni Street Vancouver, BC, V6E 1A3
Type of Restaurant: Seafood, International, Wine Bar, Sushi
Price Range: $$$$
Ambiance (out of five)/Setting/Design/service: 4.5/5 – comfortable, clean, warm, classy, chic
Recommended: The Lobster Poutine
Overall: 8/10
(1-4: will never come back, 5: pass (I’m okay with a tinier morsel), 6: acceptable, 7: okay, 8: good, 9: Wow! Please enlarge my morsel. 10: Perfection. I could eat a morsel of this every day!)
Will come back? Yes for the Lobster Poutine during Cocktail Hour
What I ate:
This is the menu for Cocktail Hour at Coast –
4 Oysters – (Sawmill Bay, Kusshi, FIR Oyster, Kumamoto)
  • 7.5/10
  • Not the best oysters around
  • The oysters weren’t “big” and “full” like how I prefer them
  • But they did taste fresh
  • I wish they provided more options for the sauce
Lobster Poutine – 5 oz atlantic lobster tail, smoked bacon sunny side up egg
  • 8.5/10
  • Delicious, impeccable
  • I could not stop eating it at all, I was literally stuffing my face with the lobster potato goodness
  • The French fries themselves were fried to perfection
  • The smoked bacon added an extra smokiness
  • The sunny side up egg created a creaminess although I would say it was slightly overcooked
  • In the gravy itself you could taste the flavour of the lobster and there were big chunks of oyster throughout the poutine
  • There was the perfect amount of cheese.
  • All the flavours melded together and created a harmony of flavours – The first sensation that hits your tongue is the sea and then the umaminess of the lobster and stringiness of the cheese, then the crunch of the fries and the slight smokiness of the bacon… speechless
  • My only complaint was that it was a bit too salty
  • Did I mention that it was delicious?
Smoked Salmon Flatbread – dill crème fraiche, red onion capers, arugula
  • 8/10
  • This was addictive because of the dill crème fraiche which added a nice creaminess that coated the tongue
  • The arugula and red onions added a nice crunch and cleanliness to the dish
  • The flat bread was crunchy but not to the point where hard
  • I wish that there was more smoked salmon and that the flat bread was cooked for less time (like a minute less)
Spicy Ahi Tuna Roll – sesame yuzu sauce
  • 7.5/10
  • Couldn’t really taste the tuna because the spiciness took over my senses
  • The crunchy tempura bits on top added a nice crunch texturally
  • The proportion of tuna to rice to vegetables was good
Things to Improve on: Ratio of ingredients, be careful of the salt, unfortunately even though it is a restaurant that specializes in seafood the oysters did not stand out much
Summary: Cocktail Hour is a good time to go and try out their food for a cheaper price than usual. Then you can decide if it’s a restaurant worth the splurge. I would definitely go back for the lobster poutine. It’s the epitome of fine comfort food (although I do wish there was a dot of caviar to really finish it off)
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