Yolks Restaurant

Date Visited: December 9 2014
Address: 1298 East Hastings Vancouver BC V6A 1S6
Website: http://www.yolks.ca/restaurant/
Type of Restaurant: Breakfast, organic, coffee
Price Range: $$
Recommended: Anything with eggs
Overall: 8/10 
(1-4: will never come back, 5: pass (I’m okay with a tinier morsel), 6: acceptable, 7: okay, 8: good, 9: Wow! Please enlarge my morsel. 10: Perfection. I could eat a morsel of this every day!)
Will come back? Maybe
My first encounter with Yolk’s restaurant was in 2012. I went to their food cart and had a wonderful experience. Finally I’m back to try their temporary restaurant.
What I ate:
Hand Carved Honey Ham with fresh spinach and yolk’s made Dijon, 2 eggs, muffin with real hollandaise and truffle-lemon hash brown
  • 8/10
  • The egg was perfectly cooked and the hollandaise went well with it
  • the muffin was not too hard to cut into and accompanied the egg well
  • the hash brown were on the sour side and I would have preferred if the potatoes were crispier
Beignets with salted caramel dip and dusted with icing sugar
  • 7/10
  • The beignets were on the doughy side
  • They were luckily not to sweet
  • They taste better dipped into the salted caramel dip without it, it would taste too floury
Chicken and Waffles – organic fried chicken, Belgian waffles, chicken gravy and Canadian maple syrup
  • 8/10
  • The waffles were made perfectly – not too sweet and were nicely crunchy
  • The fried chicken was slightly over fried, wasn’t as moist as I would have preferred (chicken was crispy)
  • The chicken gravy lacked chicken flavour and did not add much flavour to the dish overall
  • But the waffles went really well with the chicken
Things to Improve on: Quality control
Summary: Although it is on the more expensive side, it is great place for brunch. The eggs are always made perfectly and the food has some creative elements.
Yolk's Breakfast Restaurant and Commissary on Urbanspoon

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