“Food Waste Fiasco”

The Corax

UBC Common Energy held their annual audit of the Student Union Building’s waste this past Thursday.  They take half a day’s worth of garbage, compost and recycling from one of the busiest buildings on campus, sort out things that were incorrectly disposed of and weigh the mis-sorted things.

This year, UBC’s Engineers Without Borders had a booth displaying the food that was dumped into the garbage (no, not the compost).


It was horrifying, seeing so much perfectly edible food was dumped into the garbage.  Students who walked by couldn’t even tell that this was retrieved from the bins – one girl who was unaware of the event approached the booth and asked,

“So can we just take some?”


Whole trays of sushi, half-eaten boxes of pasta, fully-packaged and sealed Starbucks yogurt parfaits – the food that ended up on the table could have fed at least 5 ravenous students.  And to…

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