Tuc Craft Kitchen

Date Visited: February 5 2015
Address:  60 West Cordova St  Vancouver, BC
Website: http://www.tuccraftkitchen.com/
Type of Restaurant: European, Pacific Northwest, Bistro
Price Range: $$$
Ambiance (out of five)/Setting/Design/service: 4/5 – Server was informative, design was rustic (lots of wood)
Overall: 7/10
(1-4: will never come back, 5: pass (I’m okay with a tinier morsel), 6: acceptable, 7: okay, 8: good, 9: Wow! Please enlarge my morsel. 10: Perfection. I could eat a morsel of this every day!)
Will come back? No (well maybe for their happy hour)
What I ate:
Parsnip and smashed potato fries – toasted coriander ketchup
  • 6.5/10
  • The parsnip fries were interesting – were very thin and sliver like, they had a slight sweetness to it (could have been better salted)
  • The smashed potato fries could have been more crispy but the inside was nice and fluffy – well salted
  • The toasted coriander ketchup tasted more unique than the usual ketchup, it had a slight tang to it, on the sour side, had a kick to it
Orange glazed lamb ribs – Australian lamb, jalapeno pepper, orange glaze
  • 6/10
  • The Australian lamb was fall apart tender
  • But unfortunately the orange glaze was overpowering and way too sweet which really influenced the overall experience
  • Some parts of the lamb was not as tender as others (lack of consistency with seasoning and cooking)
mmexport1423174250927Guinness Stew and Toast – stew of grass fed beef, Yakima valley lamb, roasted button mushrooms, fingerling potatoes
  • 7.5/10
  • The stew was great – well seasoned, flavours were developed and the mushrooms and potatoes soaked up the juices nicely
  • But the portion was on the smaller side
  • Also the toast was a little too hard for my liking, couldn’t properly soak up the sauce
Summary: Flavours of Tuc Craft Kitchen were okay, nothing amazing. The ideas are there but they just need to be better executed.
Tuc Craft Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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