Date Visited: March 1 2015
Address: 1333 Robson St  Vancouver, BC V6E1C6
Type of Restaurant: Japanese, Asian, sushi
Price Range: $
Was hoping to go there for the takoyaki but they unfortunately were out.
Overall: 6/10
(1-4: will never come back, 5: pass (I’m okay with a tinier morsel), 6: acceptable, 7: okay, 8: good, 9: Wow! Please enlarge my morsel. 10: Perfection. I could eat a morsel of this every day!)
Will come back? No – there are way better izakaya’s around
What I ate:
Ebi Mayo
  • 6/10
  • Overall considered not as good compared to other izakaya’s
  • The ebi mayo was not very crispy almost soggy
  • The shrimp tasted somewhat fresh
  • The sauce on the side added a creaminess to it but it wasn’t necessary
  • 7.5/10
  • Grilled nicely
  • great price for the portion
  • properly salted
  • 6.5/10
  • Smelt was a small portion
  • It could have been crispier on the outside
Mini Una don
  • 7.5/10
  • One of the better dishes of the night
  • Good ratio of unagi to rice
  • The unagi itself was marinated nicely but could have been cooked to add more smokiness
  • 6/10
  • This was a really small portion
  • A lot of veggies provided because we asked for no meat
  • The noodles itself were well cooked – al dente and had a soy sauce flavour
  • But nothing special, would not order again
Chicken karage
  • 6.5/10
  • The crust on the chicken was disappointing – it was crispy but it just didn’t taste right
  • Lacked seasoning – a pinch of salt would have been better
  • It was piping hot when it came out
  • The chicken could’ve been moister
Okonomoyaki Seafood
  • 6/10
  • The okonomoyaki lacked crispiness on the outside
  • All I could taste was the sauce
  • And the pancake itself was all mushy and unappetizing
  • Other than the flavour of the sauce I could detect some vegetables but no seafood that I was aware of
  • 6.75/10
  • I wish the oden was bouncier
  • The soup base lacked flavour so it made the oden somewhat flavourless (especially the radish)
  • But the fish oden did have a fish essence to it
Fried Tofu
  • 6.5/10
  • Was slightly crispy on the outside
  • But the inside could have been softer and more delicate
  • Wished the sauce on the bottom could have stood out more
Salmon Yukke
  • 7.5/10
  • The balance of flavours in the salmon was good – it had slight hints of saltiness and sweetness from vegetables and seasonings
  • The salmon tasted fresh
  • One of the better dishes of the night
Summary: VanVan was just what I expected, another mediocre izakaya where young people come to drink and snack. But the food was really nothing memorable and it wasn’t worth it either. The service was dissatisfied when she found out we weren’t going to be drinking. Overall, would not be going back because the food was a bust and there are other options close by.
VanVan on Urbanspoon

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