Finally! Dinner at Ask for Luigi

Date Visited: June 19 2015
What I ate:
Chicken liver bruschetta and endive marmellata
  • 8.5/10
  • Extremely creamy chicken liver with a strong liver kick
  • Very rich but the endive marmellata balances it out perfectly
  • The onions and garlic provide a sweetness to the dish
  • All the ingredients are well balanced and divine
Luigi’s meatballs
  • 8/10
  • Very large, a slight hint of wine in the sauce
  • The meatballs were not dry at all, very juicy and flavourful
  • Good amount of pine nuts, very fresh and hearty
  • The bread was much appreciated, good for soaking up the sauce
Pappardelle and wild boar ragu
  • 8.5/10
  • The freshly made pappardelle pasta was eggy and cooked to perfection
  • It was al dente and served hot (not warm, hot which is much appreciated)
  • The ragu was very flavourful and much to my enjoyment, the meaty flavour really came out and accompanied the pasta well
  • Their pasta is definitely a must try
Risotto smoked salmon, sorrel and seaweed
  • 6.5/10
  • This was an overall disappointment
  • It was too rich and creamy for my liking
  • It was not well balanced, all I tasted was rich, cheese and rich
  • The combination of smoked salmon (which did add a smoky flavour which was nice) made it even more overwhelming
  • The risotto itself was cooked well but it was still just too rich for my liking
Olive oil cake
  • 7.5/10
  • Very moist, not dense at all, perfect consistency
  • The whipped ricotta cheese on top was light and balanced out the olive oil cake very well
  • I liked that it was served way
  • But the candied oranges on the bottom were way to sweet, even when accompanied with everything else, it definitely offset the palate
  • In the end, the candied oranges on the bottom were kept untouched and unfinished
Address: 305 alexander street Vancouver, BC Canada V6A 1C4
Type of Restaurant: Italian, pasta
Price Range: $$
Recommended: pasta and chicken liver bruschetta
Overall: 8/10
Will come back? If the lineup wasn’t so long and they had their bone marrow on the menu then yes.
Things to Improve on: More options for dinner menu, tweaking of the risotto and sweetness of the dessert
Summary: Ask for Luigi has definitely been on my radar since last year. The many posts about how great it was, even before the Restaurant of the Year title 2015, was intriguing but I never got the chance to go till now and I think… it’s worth the price. I was unfortunate to have come right at the end of the list of the first serving which means we would be the second sitting. They told us the wait would be an hour so we put our name down and came down after. My advice would be to get there earlier, get your name on the list and then go. Or if you really want to be in the first sitting then go earlier (just to be safe be there at 5). Overall, the food was pretty good (cough or maybe I was just hungry from the weight). It was pretty heavy, but hey for Italian food, it’s to be expected. Flavours are generally great and portions are on point.
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