Shipyards Night Market

IMG_1904The Shipyards Night Market is definitely not your biggest night market. But it’s a great excuse to take the seabus. I arrived around 5 pm and headed to the night market. My target for the day was to try a few food trucks that had been on my list for a while. The night market was not very big but it had some interesting things. There were lots of hand crafted stalls and of course many food trucks. Here’s the food trucks I had and some of the stalls I visited. Guanaco Truck Date Visited: July 17 2015 What I ate: IMG_1917   IMG_1925 Pupusa Pork Platter

  • 6/10
  • This dish was disappointing
  • The handmade tortilla with pork is definitely an acquired taste – not much pork taste, it was kind of bland
  • The fried chips were really crunchy on the outside (to a point where some of them were hard) and the inside was soft which was good

Address: Shipyards Night market Price Range: $$ Overall: 6/10 Will come back? No   Summary: Overall it was very bland tasting and nothing really stood out. Will not be going back. Click to add a blog post for Guanaco Truck on Zomato JJ’s Trucketeria Date Visited: July 17 2015 What I ate: I’ve waited so long to try this truck and I finally tried it. IMG_1929 IMG_1930 Garlic fried rice big plate “The Halfer”

  • 7/10
  • I couldn’t really taste the garlic in the garlic fried rice – I wish it was stronger
  • The pork was very flavourful and I enjoyed it a lot, pretty juicy
  • The chicken was not as good – but still had good flavour
  • Also the portion was pretty big

Address: Shipyards Night market Price Range: $$ Overall: 7/10 Will come back? Maybe – for a filling meal   Summary: The portions are big and the flavours are bold. Great food truck with friendly people. Click to add a blog post for JJ's Restaurant on Zomato Le Tigre Cuisine  Date Visited: July 17 2015 What I ate: IMG_1908   IMG_1922 “Kick Ass” rice with pork belly – cooked in sake, butter, lemongrass, kaffir lime and topped with a perfect poached egg, fresh herbs and thai chillies

  • 8/10
  • The pork belly was so good – so flavourful and so delicate, like semi-melted butter
  • There was a lot of flavour in this box
  • The thai chillies added a great kick to it (but beware non-spice eaters, it can get kind of spicy)
  • The perfect poached egg was really perfect
  • The only thing this dish was missing was something crunchy on top to finish it off

IMG_1919 Steam porky bun – steam bun with BBQ pulled pork, cabbage slaw, basil and sweet chilli bean sauce

  • 7/10
  • Great portion of pork for the price
  • The steamed bun couldn’t really hold all the pork
  • The pork was definitely on the dry side
  • And it needed more sweet sauce
  • I enjoyed the peanut butter flavour as well and the cabbage slaw was a good addition

Address: Shipyards Night market Type of Restaurant: Asian, fusion, Chinese Price Range: $$ Overall: 7.5/10 Will come back? Yes Summary: Great food truck. The food flavours were all pretty solid and the portions were good. Click to add a blog post for Le Tigre Cuisine on Zomato   Slavic Rolls Date Visited: July 17 2015 What I ate: IMG_1933 IMG_1934 IMG_1936 Nutella and cream Slavic roll

  • 6/10
  • This was pretty disappointing
  • It was served cold which meant it was crunchy on the outside
  • Good amount of filling inside
  • Pretty small for the price

Address: Shipyards Night market Type of Restaurant: dessert, Eastern European Price Range: $$ Overall: 6/10 Will come back? No Summary: Disappointing dessert to end the day. It was also pretty sweet and cold. Click to add a blog post for Slavic Rolls on Zomato The Cake and the Giraffe   We had the walnut maple bacon mini ice cream cookie. It was a little hard. The savouriness of the bacon was not very prominent. The walnuts gave it a smoky flavour. But I wished the flavours were stronger and better balanced between each other. IMG_1958 IMG_1957 IMG_1951   Handpies   I forgot the name of the place I got these hand pies from but I’ll just call it hand pies. I think it was 4 for $12 and it was right next to The Cake and the Giraffe place. The pies were pretty good. All the fruits that were used in the pies were real and really fresh. I had the Apricot pie which was made with real apricots but it was on the more sour side. I also had the Blueberry apple which tasted somewhat bland. The apple pie was the sourest of the bunch. The raspberry rhubarb was my favourite. It had the best balance between sweet and sour. It had a good amount of tartness. The crust for all of these was quite buttery but it could have been flakier and a tad sweeter to balance off the sourness. But great pies, just need slight improvements. IMG_2008 IMG_2005 IMG_2002 IMG_2000 IMG_1998   Gary’s Kettle Corn IMG_1950 IMG_1948 The popcorn was sold warm. It was not as crunchy as I would have liked. I got the salty ones. It had good flavours but just not crunchy enough. Overall – the night market was pretty small but there was a good selection of food trucks and arts and crafts!


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