Salt Spring Island Guide


The Tswwassen ferry mall


Had this cheesecake ice cream before boarding the ferry – it was not very good.


Goodbye Vancouver – See you in 3 days!



Cute snacks for the long ferry ride over


The view on the ferry


Everyone rushing down towards their cars to get off the boat and towards the market

I visited the Salt Spring Island Saturday Market immediately after I got off the ferry. By the time we got there, a lot of stalls were already closed or had sold out. So I tried to grab as much food as I could, being the foodie that I am.

 IMG_1103 IMG_1105 IMG_1108

Bite Me!

A stall specializing in baked goods

Ginger cookie – a bit on the sweeter side, not enough ginger

Brownies – not to sweet, good amount of chocolate

Cheese and other cookies which I have now forgotten – it was on the more powdery side and it was bland

Would I recommend a visit to this place for some baked goods – no.

IMG_1121 IMG_1132

French Bakery

By the time we got to this stall, there was almost nothing left because it was the end of the day. They only had these two pies left so we snagged the last two. The crust was terrible. It was not flaky or buttery. The filling was pretty good though. The lemon one was not too tarte or sweet. The chocolate one was very creamy and chocolatey.

Would I recommend a visit to this place – maybe not for the pies but for other things.

Salt Spring Coffee

I mean being on Salt Spring Island, we had to go to Salt Spring Coffee. At home I usually drink Salt Spring Coffee, so I was no stranger to their coffee. The coffee was very fresh and tasted great. The cappuccino was not very strong but was still good. The foam was made well – good and stiff.

Would I recommend a visit to this place – Yes.


Salt Spring Island Cheese Company

The cheese is made with goats milk. I tried around 5 and in the end I bought the Romelia cheese. It was the wrong choice. It tasted totally different back at the cabin and was way too strong and pungent.

Would I recommend a visit to this place – Yes if you like cheese

Mount Maxwell

When you enter town, you always pass by this cute and hipster café so I decided to finally visit it. The cappuccino that I ordered was quite small but it was definitely strong and well made.

Would I recommend a visit to this place – Maybe (if you don’t mind expensive but pretty good coffee)

IMG_1203 IMG_1205

This was where I was staying for the 3 days. It’s called the St. Mary Resort. I stayed at Cabin 11? So it was the one closest to the water. It was a great view at night.



There were a lot of these red trees around. Apparently its called the Arbutus tree


We visited around 2 wineries. This one was the first one which was called Mistaken Identity. The winery was quite small but it was in a location closer to town. We tried all there reds and in the end bought a dessert one that was very sweet and delicious. The view was also very pretty

IMG_1351 IMG_1332 IMG_1307

The Salt Spring Winery was much bigger and prettier. I was hoping it would be really good but I was disappointed. Most of their tastings come with a pairing of crackers or cheese (ones they believe would go well with the wines). We bought one wine called The Splash! just because we felt bad if we didn’t buy one. But it actually didn’t taste that good. None of them tasted that good. Maybe the grapes just weren’t right at this winery.

IMG_1383 IMG_1382

We also headed to the Burgoyne Bay but really there was not much to see there. People there were just relaxing.

IMG_1447 IMG_1433 IMG_1429


The Morningside bakery had a variety of vegetarian and gluten free items. It’s not in town. It’s in another town on the other side of the island. I had the pizza. It was somewhat burnt. But the olives gave it a good salty flavour. There weren’t enough toppings. The crust was somewhat hard.

Would I recommend this place – No.

Decided to come here right before I left the island and it was the right choice

IMG_1681 IMG_1677 IMG_1669

The Salt Spring Island Town is very small and you could walk around the entire thing in maybe 10 minutes if you don’t go into any of the shops. I did some research and decided to go to Harlans Chocolate and ice cream.

Tree House Café

This place was so cute. There’s a tree sticking out in the middle and vines everywhere. Although it was probably backed with tourists, it was still enjoyable. It was slightly expensive but there’s not many restaurants in town. I had the Chicken Quesadilla, lamb burger and the matcha frapp.

The chicken quesadilla was very large and tasted great. There was a nice crunch on the outside and the chicken was not too dried out. The side of sour crème and salsa was a great touch. The salad was fresh and flavourful.

The Lamb burger was actually really good. The lamb was juicy and tasted great. The jam nicely balanced the lamb flavours. I would definitely order it again.

The matcha frapp was very disappointing – there was way too much ice. No green tea flavour at all. It was also way too expensive for the size.

Would I recommend this place – Yes – for the lamb burger


Harlans Chocolate and Ice Cream

The Gelato was not very creamy. It being salt spring island we decided to get salty caramel gelato. It was quite salty actually and the caramel was pretty strong too. – 7/10

Would I recommend this place for some ice cream and chocolate – no.


Jana’s Bake Shop Kitchen

You have to have time to go here because you need to order it and they make it for you immediately. The items they have already made there are very limited. I got a salmon pie. It was pretty good. Not overcooked and had a good amount of salmon. The crust was very buttery.

Would I recommend a visit to this kitchen – Maybe.

After this we just headed to the ferry and took our long 3 hour ferry ride back to Tsawwassen Bay. We stopped along Galieno bay and 3 other islands to pick up other passengers. And finally we ended up at home.

Overall to be honest, Salt Spring Island was … pretty. but boring. It was just a small town with nice people and lots of scenery but its definitely not a thriving place. It’s great if you want to just relax.


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