Willows Café at Mandeville

Date Visited: May 3 2015
What I ate:
Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict
  • 6/10
  • the hashbrowns were the best part of this dish – well seasoned and crispy on the top
  • the smoked salmon tasted somewhat stale
  • only one of the two eggs were runny and the other one was almost fully cooked
  • the egg white was definitely over cooked – it had the consistency of rubber
  • hollandaise sauce was basically nonexistent – there was no flavour, no butteriness, no creaminess
Address: 4746 Marine Dr Burnaby, BC V5J3G5
Type of Restaurant: Sandwiches, baked goods, desserts
Price Range: $
Overall: 6/10
Will come back? No
Summary: Disappointing eggs benedict, inconsistent quality. It also has the atmosphere and decor of an old folks home.
Willows Cafe at Mandeville on Urbanspoon

One Comment Add yours

  1. cookiesnchem says:

    Too bad! It looks so yummy 😛


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