Rooster’s Ice Cream Bar

Date Visited: August 10 2015

What I ate:

I actually tasted samples quite a few – which were the

“So Good Caramel Sea Salt”

  • Which I thought was pretty sea salty but it lacked a smooth texture and lacked depth to it
  • It was very one dimensional

Blueberry and Balsamic

  • It was again okay
  • Again not multi-dimensional, very one note, blueberry

Vegan Vodka Avocado Raspberry

  • I thought I would try it because it sounded interesting
  • The vodka and raspberry was not very prominent
  • The avocado was the main flavour in this ice cream
  • They are still experimenting with their avocado flavours because it freezes differently from other fruits, so this is not perfected yet
  • The texture was very icy – more like a sorbet

Lime and organic Lavender

  • This was definitely very impactful in terms of flavour
  • The lime was very tart and contrasted well with the strong and fragrant lavender
  • Would have been better if the texture was smoother and less icy


The one I actually ended ordering… was none of the ones I sampled


I went for the Cookies and cream chocolate base

  • 6.75/10
  • Lots of Oreo bits and cookies and cream bits
  • A little too sweet for my liking
  • The chocolate base was an interesting twist but it was not too obvious because of the cookies and cream
  • It tasted somewhat like the ones out of a box from the supermarket, except for the large pieces of cookies and cream and Oreo

If you are looking for a new ice cream place in this area, then this might be your place especially since you get a dollar off right now for a single scoop (which is already quite big in my opinion). The service is not the friendliest and the flavours are okay so far. The ice cream needs more experimentation so get that right consistency. It’s icier than other places and more basic.

Address: 1039 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1Y5

Type of Restaurant: dessert

Price Range: $

Overall: 7/10

Will come back? no

Summary: Out of all the new ice cream places in Vancouver, this would not be one of my top choices. It’s kind of out of the way and the ice cream is not particularly amazing.

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