Date Visited:
What I ate:
Yam fries and truffle lemon aioli with grated Grana Padano, truffle lemon aioli
  • 7/10
  • Nice and crispy
  • The truffle lemon aioli had a very strong truffle flavour which I really enjoyed
  • It was a nice portion and the grated cheese on top added a nice fragrant flavour of cheese
Calamari Fritti – tempura vegetables, spicy aioli
  • 7/10
  • Again nice portion
  • The coating was not too heavy and was fried to a nice crispiness
  • The aioli could have been spicier and more flavourful
Ahi Tuna Club – grilled rare, bacon, sweet pepper relish, onion rings
  • 7.5/10
  • The sweet pepper relish was a great addition – it balanced out the saltiness of the bacon but at the same time it over shone the ahi tuna
  • The ahi tuna could have been better seasoned and slightly fresher because it was unable to stand out
  • The onion rings provided a great crunch to the overall dish but the coating was somewhat thick and masked the flavour of the onions itself
  • The fries on the side were a huge disappointment – not seasoned, limp, soggy
Lobster grilled cheese – brie and cheddar, cocktail sauce
  • 7/10
  • The lobster grilled cheese had a good amount of cheese
  • The cocktail sauce provided a nice kick to the dish and also added some sweetness
  • But the lobster was definitely over shadowed by the cheddar flavour and the cocktail sauce
  • The lobster also didn’t taste very fresh
  • The entire dish felt kind of heavy after a while
Steak and sushi – Japanese surf and turn, tataki style, Cab Prime stream, ponzo sauce, rainbow roll
  • 6/10
  • The steak was overcooked – I asked for medium and some pieces were medium while others were well done
  • The ponzo sauce for the steak was somewhat bland in the sense that it had no layers to it, it was salty but that was it
  • The sushi was also a disappointment – some grains of the rice were uncooked and hard
  • The fish did not taste very fresh either
Baked to Order Apple Pie – hand folded pastry, toasted almonds, maple ice cream
  • 7.5/10
  • The hand folded pastry was very crunchy and flaky but it could have been butterier
  • The toasted almonds added a nice crunch to it and the maple ice cream added a nice creaminess
  • The apples though were on the sour side which did add tartness but could have been better balanced with more brown sugar and cinnamon
Address: 820 Burrard St Vancouver, BC V6Z
Type of Restaurant: Northwest, chain restaurant, sandwiches, bar and grill
Price Range: $$$
Overall: 7/10
Will come back? No – I personally don’t like chain restaurants, I prefer restaurants that are more unique  
Summary: Some of the dishes surprised me, they were better than I expected from a chain restaurant. Some of the flavours were masked by other ingredients and could have been easily fixed my tweaking the ratio. Overall not bad but not great.
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