UYU Ice Cream

August 11 2015

I made my way down to UYU Ice Cream bar today for a quick cheeky treat, since it was so hot outside.

I was devastated to hear that they had run out of earl grey so I had to just settle for Belgian Chocolate and Regular.

Since it is still currently their soft opening – the prices were very good – only $3 I believe for just regular with no toppings and $3.50 for 2 toppings I think.

Their name UYU actually means milk in Korean. All their soft serve is organic and they have many toppings you can choose from. They also have bars, but I don’t think they are available yet. You can get the soft serve in a cone or cup.


Belgian Chocolate with freeze dried blueberries, sesame and raspberry drizzle

  • I didn’t really care whether or not my toppings went together well obviously I just wanted soft serve!
  • 7/10
  • the Belgian chocolate was not very strong on the chocolate side, it didn’t have enough chocolate flavour for me to say “oh hey this is chocolate flavour” there were only subtle hints of it
  • the texture is creamy but also on the icier side (compared to Soft Peaks), it also isn’t strong on the milky flavour, it’s more mild
  • The freeze dried blueberries were very interesting – it was very crunchy, well crispy and tart, I really enjoyed the uniqueness of it
  • The sesame bits were also very strong and although didn’t go that well with the Belgian Chocolate (that being my fault) it was still very good – sesame lovers would absolutely love this
  • the raspberry drizzle added a slight liquidy texture to it overall and it was like little bursts of surprises


Regular soft serve with freeze dried raspberries and black currant drizzle

  • 7.5/10
  • I liked the regular soft serve slightly better than the Belgian chocolate, because it actually lived up to its name of being regular soft serve
  • it was a little too sweet for me – it left me quite thirsty afterwards
  • the freeze dried raspberries were again, not only a nice pop of colour, but also provided that nice freeze dried texture
  • the black currant drizzle didn’t taste like much

Address: 433 Abbott Street, Vancouver


Recommended: freeze dried fruit – for its unique texture

Overall: 7.25/10

It’s great to see another dessert place in Gastown. The location may not be ideal. But the customer service is pretty friendly. The design is very chic and modern. The soft serve will definitely cool you down on a hot day outside. They have some interesting toppings that you can’t find elsewhere. I think it’s definitely worth checking out at least once when they have officially open for business and have all the kinks worked out! I need to check it out again to try their earl grey soft serve.


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