Kazu Sushi

Date Visited:

What I ate:


Chicken Karaage

  • 7/10
  • It was very crunchy on the outside, it was different from the typical chicken karaage batter you get from other places
  • Not too oily
  • the inside was pretty juicy, but could have been more flavourful
  • lacked seasoning


Negihama roll (yellowtail, green onion)

  • 8/10
  • Tasted very fresh
  • The yellowtail practically melted in my mouth and it felt like heaven
  • The green onion did a great job of cutting through the fattiness
  • Gave it a touch of freshness

Unagi Nigiri

  • 8.5/10
  • Just the right amount of sweetness
  • The balance of flavours was just right
  • But I wish the unagi could have been more charred on the outside
  • It was very melty and had a full mouth feel

Saba Nigiri

  • 8/10
  • Again very fresh
  • No fishy taste which was good
  • It melted in my mouth as well
  • The texture was not overly chewy
  • It was cut beautifully


Bento Box A – Sashimi ( 2 pieces salmon, 2 pieces tuna) mixed tempura, chicken teriyaki, shrimp sunomono salad, rice and miso soup

  • 7/10
  • The chicken teriyaki was way too sweet and the chicken was slightly overcooked
  • The shrimp sunomono had a good amount of sourness and it was a good appetizer
  • There was a good amount of mixed tempura, it was crunchy at first but later got soggy
  • The sashimi was again fresh


Oyako Don (simmered chicken mixed with egg and sliced onion on rice)

  • 7/10
  • Too much sauce
  • The bottom of the bowl was covered in sauce and it drenched the rice making it overly soggy
  • The chicken was very flavourful
  • The onion added a good amount of sweetness which balanced very well with the saltiness of the chicken


Chicken skewers (yakitori)

  • 6.5/10
  • This was kind of boring
  • Lacked seasoning
  • The chicken luckily did not dry out though
  • The green onions attached to the skewer was a great addition

Address: 4332 Hastings Street, Burnaby

Type of Restaurant: Japanese, sushi

Price Range: $$

Overall: 7/10

Will come back? No

Summary: great little Japanese restaurant run by actual Japanese people. The service was attentive but some of the food was a hit or miss. But overall it was enjoyable.
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