My stay/review at W Taipei – August 2015

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the amount of pictures of the view on this post. It was just too breathtaking to not capture!

thumb_DSCN0007_1024 thumb_DSCN0004_1024

I arrived in Taipei on August 17 2015 and was staying 3 nights in the W Taipei.

Of course before choosing this hotel, I’d done tones of research and investigation on whether or not this hotel was going to be the right one for me.

Although it is on the pricier side, do I think its worth it? Well it depends on what your mission in Taipei is.


The clientele staying at the W Taipei ranged from tourists coming in large batches to business traveler to celebrities.

When you first enter the “lobby”, you immediately feel like you’ve entered a different world. It’s relaxed yet filled with vibrant colours of purple and pink splashed across the walls and lights going crazy.

The bell boys are very quick at grabbing bags and were quite friendly. +1

I then proceeded to wait for my friend who had actually already been staying in our room for a couple of days. From what she said, I heard that check in was very smooth and they provided her with an upgrade and wifi (because I do have a SPG card).

The actual check in isn’t on the ground floor but on an upper floor.

When I walked into the room, it just oozed sophistication. We were situated in a corner room which meant the view was pretty amazing even though it wasn’t of Taipei 101. +1

thumb_DSCN0176_1024 thumb_DSCN0174_1024 thumb_DSCN0173_1024 thumb_DSCN0171_1024

Everything was  really clean. The sheets were nicely cleaned but I didn’t like the ultra soft pillows which basically swallowed your head when you laid in them.

Also at night, the temperature of the room would somehow get really hot and I wouldn’t be sure why. It’s as if the temperature of the room would increase at night or something. -1

Every day we would leave in the morning and then come back around evening and the room would be all cleaned and the water would be replenished. They provide you with 4 bottles of water which is great. +1

The design of the room is very chic. The bathroom is very nicely designed to give a flowing feel through the room. The wooden panels could open and close as if it was all one space. The bathroom and rain shower were side by side. The toilet was a Japanese one which was nice. +1

My one complaint with the bathroom was that it didn’t have a lock. Like what if we were just two friends weren’t that comfortable with each other staying in that room. It would have been awkward -1

The tub inside the bathroom was very deep which was nice but at the same time it took a long time for the water to fill it up.

Also the amount of space for your own personal toiletries was very limited and very short. I’m not a tall person and I found it way too low. -1

I liked the amount of shampoos provided. It wasn’t too excessive and they didn’t have too much of strong smelling fragrance. +1

At the end of the night, between 8-10pm they come in to turn the covers down for you and supply a little night time popcorn snack which is much appreciated. +1

thumb_DSCN9919_1024 thumb_DSCN9920_1024 thumb_DSCN9921_1024 thumb_DSCN9922_1024

I also checked out the beautiful pool that the W Taipei was famous for and it quite stunning. It was perfect for taking pictures for a photoshoot. The water was a nice temperature and it wasn’t too deep or shallow. It’s really the epitome of luxury. The problem I had with the pool is that its right next to the restaurant for breakfast. This meant that there would be people staring at you while your swimming. -1

The gym at the W Taipei was quite big and has a slight view of the pool. They have a good amount of machines. The staff there is also very friendly. +1


My favourite part of the hotel room was the little sitting area. It not only had a stunning view but I could actually spend a lot of time just sitting there and contemplating life. I considered getting one for my own house but I’d need to find a suitable view for it first. +1

Check out was quick – I just dropped off a key and it was basically all done.

The staff in the hotel was generally pretty helpful and friendly. Not all of them know how to speak English but luckily my Mandarin isn’t that rusty either. But my last encounter with one employee was disappointing. She helped me book a restaurant on her recommendation but when I got there apparently that restaurant had closed and there was another restaurant in its place. We ended up spending our money at a restaurant that was very mediocre and slightly pricey. To be fair, this employee was very friendly and nice but she should have double checked before telling us about this place. -1


thumb_DSCN9952_1024The location of the W Hotel is pretty ideal. It’s close to the MTR (in fact you don’t need to go outside to get to the MTR). It’s attached to a mall so you will never go hungry. It’s also within walking distance to Taipei 101 and like 7 more malls in that area. It’s in XinYi which is basically shopping heaven for people who love to shop. Also at night its a safe distance to some of the most popping clubs in town. +1

thumb_DSCN9954_1024 thumb_DSCN9992_1024 thumb_DSCN9994_1024

Overall the experience at the W Taipei definitely didn’t let me down. Ever since it opened, I had wanted to come for a visit and now I finally have.

Score: 7/10

It’s an okay hotel with some kinks that it needs to figure out. Like the staff could have done small things to make a stay more welcome. Although attentive, sometimes they might miss greeting you at the door. On one night, when we asked if the pool was open after it had just rained, they said it was but when we went down, we found that it was closed. The design of the room is quite nice, but some of the small things like the height of the sinks or the vastness of the tubs were cons. Also the elevator can be a little slow especially since you need to transfer elevators in order to get from the ground floor to the lobby then the lobby to your room. Improvements need to be made to make the entire stay at the W better and for it to really live up to its name.


2 thoughts on “My stay/review at W Taipei – August 2015

  1. Moritz says:

    Generally, I like the modern design of the W hotels, but most got average staff at best. And sometimes, as you mention, the finishes in the room are not perfect. Anyway, I’d also be giving the W Taipei a chance. Thanks for the review! 🙂


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