Tacofino Commissary

The wait is over – we arrived and there was like a 15 minute wait or so which wasn’t bad

20150814_132742 20150814_133319

20150814_134822 20150814_134829 20150814_134825

I ordered the pork jowl taco with pineapple and srirachi sauce

  • 7.5/10
  • The pork jowl was too dry for my liking
  • The pineapple did balance out the srirachi sauce which was good
  • But the amount of water in this taco did not off put the dryness of the pork jowl
  • On the bright side the pork jowl was nicely seasoned



  • 5.75/10
  • Disappointing
  • I came here just for these churros and they end up way too dry
  • It was very inconsistent
  • Some pieces of the churro was moist and very well banana’d flavoured
  • Whereas others were hard as a rock and only tasted like sugar
  • The sauce was good though
  • Over-fried and lacking in flavour, to omuch sugar

The décor was very hipster and Instagram worthy

Ambiance was chilled, laid back

In Summary: 6.5/10

I was quite disappointed with my experience at Tacofino Commissary. Maybe people hyped it up too much for me or I just had too high of an expectation for them. I was really looking forward to the churros and it tasted inconsistent. As for the tacos and savory food – there is a chance I might come back to try it again during their dinner menu.

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