It’s 2016.



At the end of each year, for some reason, we are always obligated to come up with some kind of resolution that will magically make your life better for the next year. But in reality how many of those resolutions actually are, well resolved. I mean, by the half year mark, I usually forget what my resolution for the year was.

So this year, like every other year, I’m going to make a resolution. But hopefully, unlike like the other years, I will go through with it.

This year, I want the content on my blog to improve. Not only content wise but creativity, layout and quality wise.

Creativity wise – Somehow (haven’t exactly figured it out yet) I will make my photos more interesting and intriguing than past year. Maybe I will come up with some sort of theme or something like that, we’ll have to see.

Layout wise – A new template means a fresh start. I will also be including weekly vlogs of foods that I eat.

Quality Wise – Although this may sound like the opposite from my other goals. I hope to be able to enjoy food more. I know this is a food blog review, but I think my idea of food has changed. Especially after my visit to Hong Kong. Food is really something that should be experienced away from snapchat and social media.

Speaking of which: social media wise – I hope to Instagram on a more regular basis but less than 2015. If you don’t already follow it’s @iamjust.steph – shameless plug. I also hope that what I Instagram will actually be something that I ate that week and not something that I ate a couple of months ago.

Cooking – I hope 2016 I can actually start posting more recipes that I have tried. Believe me, I have done tons of baking and cooking but in 2015 I was honestly just too lazy to actually post them and edit the pictures.

Posting – I hope 2016 – will not be just filled with posts that I half heartedly post (I sincerely apologize for those). I hope my blog can be something that I can be actually proud of and not just posts just to increase the posts on my blog. I will also promise to work on my photo editing skills. I want quality over quantity.

My final goal for 2016 (and my current priority) – is to get all my Hong Kong food posts up by the end of January. I hope that I will be able to put all of them up by the end of January (I will try my best).

I would also like to thank you so much for supporting Justamorsel in 2015. I know there’s much to be improved and Justamorsel is still trying to work out many of its kinks but I promise you, it can only get better.

I’m extremely excited for 2016. This year, will hopefully definitely be, another great if not amazing year for everyone.

Hoping all of you can keep all your New Years Resolutions! Wishing you all a healthy and smile-filled 2016.



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