Crystal Mall Adventures

First Vancouver post of 2016!

So on Sunday, I ventured out all the way to Burnaby because I was really craving some Shanghai steamed dumplings and fried dumplings. Ended up at the Crystal Mall food court’s Xu Wontons because it’s my go to place for Shanghai fried dumplings.


What I like about their dumplings is that the broth inside the dumplings are not too salty and there’s a good amount of soup as well. The meat tasted pretty fresh and was a pretty good ratio to skin. My only complaint is that the skin can get pretty thick sometimes.

Also the fried dumplings have a very crispy outside and holds quite a lot of soup.

Overall my favourite place for Shanghai dumplings. It’s not really a secret anymore because the wait for dumplings is a good 10-15 minutes which is long for a food court.

Of course dumplings would not be enough for lunch so we decided to get some Singapore Laksa because I was really missing Singapore (after my trip in December, coming to you soon).


We just choose a random place in the food court called Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken. Of course any smart person would have gone for chicken because it’s in the name of their restaurant but I decided to go for the Laksa because I was craving it.

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t that good. It was weak on the flavours. The coconut flavour was lacking and didn’t taste very strong. It wasn’t very salty and lacked depth to it. No curry flavours at all. It was more sweet than anything else. The noodles were also not cooked that great. The vermicelli broke very easily. On the upside the portion was not too small and there was a good amount of fishballs. Presentation was also not bad.


Cafe Eggstatic Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Finally for dessert we headed to the newly opened Cafe Eggstatic (opened around half a year ago). For their Bird’s Nest Coconut Slush infused with Aloe Vera and topped with red bean. It cost $6 including tax which was reasonable for Bird’s Nest. Overall, it tasted mostly like coconut. The aloe vera they used in this concoction tasted different from your usual aloe vera that you find in other drinks. It was very crisp and not sweet at all. The bird’s nest was not easily detected. It tasted very faint. There was also not enough red bean for it to make a difference in the drink either.

We finished at the end with a regular egg waffle from Bubble Waffle. We’ve had their bubble waffles before and we know its too sweet and the egg flavour might not be that strong but we still keep going back. Because their locations are convenient and the textures of their egg waffles are usually pretty crisp and chewy.

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