Wednesday Foodie Getaways: At Medina Cafe and Mimibulove

Today marks the start of a new segment which I call, Wednesday Foodie Getaways. This will be the day I give you a weekly glimpse of what I had the previous week (cough if you didn’t already check Instagram).

Last week, and coincidentally it was Wednesday when I visited these two restaurants. I visited, Medina Cafe (since my last visit in 2014) and Mimibulove.

I was meeting up with my girlfriends at Medina Cafe and being the typical non-adventurous person that I am, I got the typical foods you would eat at Medina Cafe. Those being – the waffle, a flavoured coffee, paella and fricassee.



The flavoured coffee I chose was the white chocolate pistachio rose mocha. I had the lavender last time, which was not bad but a little too strong on the lavender for me. This though, was surprisingly flavourful. I could taste the rose and I got bits of pistachio in my mocha. Unfortunately, exactly like what I was dreading, the white chocolate made it too sweet. But other than that I enjoyed it.

Rating: 7.5/10


The paella was very spicy, maybe even a little bit TOO spicy. The chorizo and pepper made it very spicy and overwhelming that it masked the flavours of the base. The only flavours I could detect was sourness and spiciness, nothing else. I tried to use the avocado to tone it down, but it didn’t help. Trust me, I love chorizo but unfortunately the balance of the spiciness of the chorizo was totally off in this dish.

Rating: 6/10


The fricassee was somewhat lacking flavour. It was more on the sweet side than the savoury side. When eaten with the leafy greens on top it was better balanced but nothing about this dish really stood out. The meat was pretty fall apart though which was a good thing.

Rating: 6.5/10


And finally of course, we had to finish with a waffle and salted caramel sauce. I’ve had the salted caramel sauce and it was pretty good so I had to order it again. The waffle though was somewhat disappointing. It was served warm which I thought was good, but the exterior lacked crunch which was disappointing. I remember last time I had it, it was crunchy so I guess it’s just a consistency problem?

Rating of waffle: 7/10                                      Rating of salted caramel sauce: 7.5/10

Overall the impression that Medina Café gives me is that on weekends there are usually long lines out the door (luckily I went on a Tuesday at around 10 and we were seated within 5 minutes) and it’s on the more expensive side. The service was pretty good. I think why a lot of people are attracted to this place is because of the hype and because there’s snot much of this kind and style of brunch food that is open everyday.

Rating: 7/10

Cafe Medina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Strawberry Cheesecake Parfait

After a bit of walking around in Downtown, I went to meet up with some other friends at Mimibulove which specializes in parfaits.


Banana Nutella Crepe

I had the strawberry cheesecake parfait and the banana Nutella crepe. I thought these were both very ordinary and could be easily made at home. They were both on the sweeter side. Some of the ingredients in the parfait like the cheesecake tasted somewhat like store bought cheesecake. Nothing special and not worth visiting again.

Rating for both desserts and overall rating of restaurant: 6/10

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