Coffee Mondays – Buro

It’s another new segment on Justamorsel which I named, with no creativity at all, as Coffee Mondays.

For the first Coffee Mondays segment, I ventured to 2015 newly opened Buro coffee. It’s location is right on the corner of Gastown and has a good view of the busy streets. It’s the sister coffee shop of coffee bar.

I spent a good 3 hours here just typing away on my laptop, doing some reviews, listening to the people around me and watching the passer-byers.


I ordered the Spanish Latte which is condensed milk with coffee and it was… too sweet for me. I was hoping for something sweet, but not THIS sweet. Even though it was this sweet, surprisingly you could still taste the burnt-ness in the coffee. This was quite disappointing.

The environment, for a coffee Monday, would be perfect. Because it’s not too quiet and not too loud. There were sufficient plugs and good amount of seating.

But the food didn’t seem appealing, hence I didn’t order any. The coffee was not very good either.

Rating: 6/10

Buro Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Coffee Mondays segments include my observations. What I heard was a group talking about investment and another group talking about how dreary life was (no details mentioned). What I saw in terms of passer-byers was these two men filming something. One of the guys was holding a camera and the other was holding flowers and acting. I felt bad for them because they were filming in the rain. But hey, maybe they were wanting to capture a specific feeling.

Cheers to, Coffee Mondays.




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