Hot Chocolate Festival 1st Stop: Mink Chocolates



(Organic butternut squash and almond milk with 70% dark chocolate hot chocolate.

Served with a smoked oyster. It’s available: January 16 – February 14.)

At first, I was hesitant to combine chocolate with a smoked oyster but it actually works. I mean if I really thought about it, it would make sense. Because oysters have often been served with chocolate sauce but hot chocolate just seemed weird to me.


So how did it taste? Well actually it wasn’t half bad. The smoked oyster added a bit of smokiness when combined with the hot chocolate and made it not too sweet. The organic butternut squash unfortunately was not prominent in taste, but it added a nice thickness to the hot chocolate. The almond’s in the almond milk was not very noticeable either but also added a bit to the thickness. I enjoyed the texture of this hot chocolate and it was not too sweet.

I would have preferred if the dark chocolate was darker like maybe 80% would have made it less sweet. Also since it emphasis butternut squash and almond milk, I would expect to get hints of these two flavors. The almond milk was slightly there, but the butternut squash was really lost.

Overall – I enjoyed the smoked oyster and chocolate combination. It was interesting and the thickness was just up my alley.

Rating: 7/10

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