Coffee Monday at Moja Coffee Commercial Drive

Another start of a week, another coffee Monday. Today I ventured off to Commercial Street to have a coffee at Moja’s Coffee. I was surprised to see so many people inside the shop at 11 am. There were so many people that there were no spots to sit and the service was quite slow. I found that the coffee shop itself was very badly designed. It has the potentially to fit so many more seats inside, but instead they fill it with wasted space.

I waited a good 10 minutes for my latte which is quite a long time. Also since there was no where to sit, I couldn’t stop and observe the coffee shop and the people in it. A lot of people just walked in and walked right back out when they realized how congested the coffee shop was. There were a lot of takeaway coffees.

Okay. Down to the latte itself. How was it? Well it one word, it’s pretty good. The roast is very flavourful – with dark hints of carmalization and a robust taste. It could have been served slightly hotter but other than that the latte art and the flavours were on point.


A question I have is, what’s the difference between Moja coffee and Thomas Haas. Yes they both use the same coffee beans and they both serve the same croissants and baked goods. But I guess Moja focuses more on their coffee than Thomas Haas. And Thomas Haas focuses more on their chocolate and their pastries, but other than that, they have some of the same qualities which is what makes them both so good.

Overall: 8/10

Moja Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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