Cha Chaan Teng Grubbed at in Hong Kong

When someone thinks of Hong Kong, they usually think of Cha Chaan Teng’s as the epitome of Hong Kong food. Although it might be what the average Hong Kong person eats on a daily basis, these Cha Chaan Teng’s definitely represents Hong Kong people’s attitudes. Efficient, rushed and inattentive service. Cha Chaan Teng is really one of my favourite places to go because the foods oily and comforting. The people, I feel, are real with real attitudes and feelings. The atmosphere is usually somewhat which is always a plus.

Here are a few places that I’ve been and they range between the most famous and just random ones that I decided to visit on a whim.




First up Australian Dairy Company. If you’re doing research on Hong Kong food, then you must have heard of this place for its delicious scrambled egg breakfasts and steamed milk custard and of course their rude staff and long, but fast lines.

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended: Scrambled eggs, steamed milk custard)



Another pretty famous Cha chaan teng in Wan Chai, Capital Café, is a place I’ve visited twice while exchanging Hong Kong. I always get their bread dishes. I’ve tried their egg sandwich which is pretty good because of the fluffy eggs and their principal toast. Let me explain to you how good and genius the principal toast is. Its toast slathered in truffle paste and topped with cheese. You wouldn’t think that at a Cha Chaan Teng you would find truffles but hey, they do. And, to be honest, it’s pretty good.

Rating: 4/5 (Recommended: Scrambled egg toast and Principal toast)

Cheung Heung Tea Restaurant is a place near Hong Kong University and near my dorm which is why I visited this restaurant. I also heard go things about their egg tarts. But the reality of the place, the egg tarts aren’t that good. The crust is definitely lacking and way too floury. Everything else was just standard

Rating: 3/5


Another must-go in Hong Kong would be Kam Wah for their pineapple buns. They come out piping hot and are pretty good. Probably not the best, but pretty good. They are also famous for their curry cheese ramen but when I went (at 9am) they didn’t have it yet. But their satay beef instant noodles are pretty good too.

Rating: 3.5/5


A place you can visit for the Hong Kong old style feel or drama feel would be Mido Restaurant in Yau Ma Tei. It looks like the classic Hong Kong drama setting. But the food on the other hand was worse than the average Cha Chaan teng and the prices are on the high side as well. So I wouldn’t recommend going here. There are probably others that aren’t as well known that taste better.

Rating: 2/5



A classic place that tourists and locals alike go would be Sheng Hung Yuen. And the must get is the toasties which they serve with either condensed milk and peanut butter or either or. The tomato beef noodles is another thing that a lot of people get. The food is okay but I think the atmosphere of eating outside surrounded by people and the rushed atmosphere is what its really about.

Rating: 3.5/5


A place that’s different from the rest, in terms of instant noodles, Wei Kei Noodles. They are famous for their liver instant noodles which I know isn’t for everyone but it’s worth a try.

Rating: 3.5/5


Another place for pineapple buns would be Kam Fung. Unfortunately, they don’t serve their pineapple buns hot every time but it’s not bad. The crust might be as buttery as one would hope for, but still, not bad. Their beef egg sandwiches and satay beef instant noodles are worth a try.

Rating: 3/5

There’s a rough summary of the Cha Chaan Teng’s in Hong Kong and as you can see there is a pattern. Usually it consists of instant noodles, pineapple buns, HK style milk tea and sandwiches. All the good stuff.


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