Coffee Monday @ Temper Chocolate and Pastry

Welcome to another Coffee Monday or this week, should I say chocolate Monday. Since the hot chocolate festival is still going on in Vancouver, I thought I would talk hot chocolate instead of coffee today.

Temper chocolate and pastry which is in West Vancouver is run by a pastry chief who used to work at Thomas Haas, so I would assume that of course their pastries and of course chocolate would be at a certain standard.


In terms of the hot chocolate festivals we tried both the cherry flavoured one and the vanilla bean one. I personally found the cherry flavoured one to be a little too sweet for me but at the same time quite sour. Or maybe it was so sour that it was too sweet, I’m not sure, I think my taste buds were a bit confused as well. But I enjoyed the texture of it.

Rating: 7/10


The vanilla bean hot chocolate was also quite sweet but the vanilla bean flavour came out really well.

Rating: 7.5/10


Since it was lunch time we also had a sandwich with Boccioni cheese, tomatoes and veggies. The bread of this sandwich was nice and crunchy which I liked, but the fillings were just okay. I wish that the balance between veggies and tomatoes was a bit better, but the overall cheese amount was pretty good.

Rating: 7/10


Now onto their desserts!


The salted caramel chocolate cake was my favourite out of the three that we had. It salty, sweet and quite heavy. The salt gave it a nice savouriness and offered a bit of umaminess. The layers in this dessert were nicely balanced.

Rating: 7.5/10


The hazelnut praline was a total disappointment. It lacked crunch and something to really wow me. It just tasted like layers of softness between other layers of softness. Yes the hazelnut did come out but I wanted a crunch somewhere in there.

Rating: 6.5/10


Finally, we also had the passion fruit cake which was also quite disappointing. It definitely was very light and airy but at the same time lacked that kick that I would want from a passion fruit cake. There was only a slight sourness, when I had actually expected more.

Rating: 6/10


Common elements that these desserts had: All the bottoms of these desserts were stuck to the bottom with chocolate which made the bottom of each dessert hard to eat. I couldn’t get the bottom layer of them off which consequently made each dessert not up to par. If on the passion fruit cake, the base layer which consisted of pie/tart crust was present then it would have allowed for a texture contrast instead of just lightness. If the praline cake’s bottom layer was not stuck on the bottom, then it would have given the cake an extra crunch which was much needed. It was difficult to pry the bottoms of of these cakes which definitely made it more difficult to eat.


rsz_thumb_img_4072_1024After having their desserts, I wanted to try their pastries as well so I got a croissant and a cheese bite to go. The croissant was disappointing. It was large in size but it lacked layers and butteriness to it.

Rating: 5.5/10


The cheese bite on the other hand was quite enjoyable. It was cheesy and buttery and had all the saltiness and butteriness I wanted in something as unctuous as that.

Rating: 7.5/10


Overall score: 7/10

Temper Chocolate & Pastry Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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