Wednesday Foodie Getaways: G-men Nanchu

For this Wednesdays Foodie Getaways, I choose to venture off to Richmond for some ramen. Usually when you think of ramen in Vancouver, the first place you think of is Downtown. But there’s one place in Richmond that people think of for ramen and that’s G-men Nanchu on Alexandra street.

So how was my much anticipated visit to G-men Nanchu, to be succinct, it was a disappointment.


I had the Shio ramen, the Tan Tan ramen and the Takoyaki. The Shio ramen broth was very simple and maybe a little too simple. It tasted like straight up soya sauce and no meaty flavour in the broth at all from the chicken. When it says light chicken broth, they really mean light chicken broth. The noodles and toppings were nothing special.

Shio Ramen: 6.5/10


Tan Tan ramen was something I was personally looking forward to but I found it too watery and lacked peanut goodness. The noodles were again nothing special or very bouncy or anything. It was just okay.

Tan Tan Ramen: 7/10


Takoyaki was on the small side. There was one small little piece of squid inside each Takoyaki and it was served piping hot. But I feel like the outside could have been slightly crunchier to off balance the mushiness.

Takoyaki: 6.5/10

Overall: I would give this restaurant a 6.75/10. You can definitely find better ramen elsewhere and although they do have special dishes like Tan Tan Ramen, I found nothing special about these dishes. I myself would not be back for more because I found everything on the boring side.

G-men @ Nan Chu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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