Coffee Monday @ Rocanini Kerrisdale

Another Monday, another coffee! Today we are at Rocanini’s in Kerrisdale. It’s not my first time at Rocanini’s but it’s my first time at THIS Rocanini’s.


Let me just say, there flat white was pretty bad. The only good thing was that it was piping hot – which is the way I like it. But the roast itself was bitter, burnt and (props to it) for being a very layered bitter taste. It was so bitter I really just couldn’t stand it.

Rating: 5/10


Then I had a breakfast sandwich and I thought it was okay. I know they get their goods locally sourced which is good (supporting local businesses), but the sandwich was just straight up microwaved. I mean panini’d or toasted is not that much to ask for. There was a good amount of fillings in it though, but other than that, pretty standard (slightly on the salty side).

Rating: 6/10

I spent the rest of my time in this coffee shop just talking with a friend and making a list of what we were going to do for the next few months. It felt very fulfilling do all this and I enjoyed it very much. While at this coffee shop, I noticed a lot of people ordering coffee to go and for here. People were studying, writing and even tutoring here. There aren’t a whole lot of tables, but just enough so that you feel that you can sit here for a couple of hours and not feel like your taking up too much space.

Overall: 5.5/10


Rocanini Coffee Roasters Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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