Wednesday Foodie Getaway: G8 Taiwanese Restaurant

G8 Taiwanese restaurant the new kid on the block on Oak street, is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. I came here specially for their fried chicken nuggets. There menu is mostly meat so vegetarians beware. Also I found that the menu can be a bit lacking in balance of dishes.

I ordered the G8 noodles half tendon half meat, fried chicken nuggets, fried squid tentacles, pork rice and a bubble tea to end the meat.


The noodles were not half bad. The meat was pretty fall apart tender and there was a good amount of it. Some of the noodles were stuck together but other than that it was okay. The broth tasted like the regular broth you get at Beef Noodle restaurants but on the sweeter side. Rating: 7/10


The fried chicken nuggets were just what I needed to satisfy my craving. They were crispy on the outside, savoury, fragrant basil flavours and juicy on the inside. All I needed from this dish, was more. It got a little salty towards the end though. Rating: 8.5/10



The fried squid tentacles were also really well done. Not too chewy, it was crispy on the outside. I think, like their chicken nuggets, they do their fried dishes very well. Rating: 8/10


The fatty pork rice was a disappointment because the rice was not good rice. The rice itself was disappointing because it was not good quality and too mushy. The meat was not tender enough and could have been cooked for longer to really let the soy sauce flavour come through. Rating: 6/10

The caramel bubble tea with no ice and pearls was pretty bad. I could see the powder still in the drink from it not being mixed well. There was no tea flavour, no caramel flavour, it tasted like water downed light milk tea. The pearls were not too sweet though which was good and it was slightly chewy as well. Rating: 5/10

Overall: The only reason its worth going is because of their fried items. Rating: 6/10

G8 Taiwan Kitchen 雞霸王 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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