Dim Sum Dined in Hong Kong


The Dim sum situation in Hong Kong, is different from the one in Vancouver. Well at least for me anyways. In Vancouver, I would always try my best to eat at a different dim sum place every week or every time. But in Hong Kong, I ended up visiting the same dim sum place over and over again. The dim sum in Hong Kong, compared to Vancouver is SUPER small and just in terms of quality on the same standard. Hong Kong dim sum isn’t better than Vancouver, if not, sometimes even worse. But the dim sum in Vancouver is definitely much bigger. The prices are around the same as well.

First up, Dim Sum Icon, which I would definitely recommend not going unless you are willing to spend lots of money on cute and not tasty dim sum. Yes, the gudetama craze is real. And yes, it was really cute here, but it was very disappointing. The custard was too liquid, it was like water. No egg yolk taste at all. It tasted like liquid sugar. Avoid, at all costs.

Rating: 3/10 – for cuteness


Next up, Tim Ho Wen, the cheapest Michelin star food you can get. They are famous for their pork buns but in my opinion they were a little too sweet for me. Would not recommend Tim Ho Wen at all. Not worth the Michelin star.

Rating: 6/10



Zhou Ji another gimmick place. This place got its fame for its leaking volcanic fried bread. But what I really liked from this place was the shrimp toast which was pretty good and my favourite bottled milk tea which was so good I had to buy two to quench my thirst.

Rating: 7/10




sorry for the bad picture – I was too excited to eat this

As a student of Hong Kong University, you have to visit Sun Hing at 3AM in the morning. After a tough day at school and at dorm, this is the place to go. At 3am it’s filled with students and bad service but at 11am it’s filled with elders and polite service. It’s a crazy contrast. The dim sum tastes better at 3am probably because of the crazy atmosphere and fighting spirit (you need to fight for your dim sum between students, its crazy, but amazing). The food itself is okay especially when its 3am and your groggy from the lack of sleep. My recommendation is the custard buns that are piping hot and delicious. I have to eat at least 2 every time I go.

Rating: 7.5/10 – because of the atmosphere


There you have it. As you see, I didn’t go as many dim sum places as I wanted to. I had planned to eat dim sum every week, but unfortunately Hong Kong students don’t go as often as I would hope. Plus, there’s so many other things to eat in Hong Kong, dim sum is only a small part of the foodie world in Hong Kong. It’s more about the atmosphere than dim sum in Hong Kong.


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