Wednesday Foodie Getaways at Yogi Snack Bar

I discovered this new Korean restaurant on Yelp with high ratings so I decided to check it out. When we walked in there was no one. But after we sat down and ordered, the people started piling in.

What we ate:


First we were served complimentary soup which I think is actually the soup from the eo-mook that they serve but I’m not 100% sure. It really warmed me up though which was great.


The Raboki is always a must for us at Korean restaurants. I love the chewiness of the dok (rice cakes) and the spiciness of the sauce. This place serves a pretty good raboki. The noodles were a little overcooked and so were the rice cakes but other then that they were pretty good. The sauce had a good amount of spice and it was a good consistency as well. The portion was also very generous, many pieces of rice cakes and fish cakes.

Rating: 8/10


We were going to get the Ya Chae (deep fried sliced vegetables) but the kind waitress suggested that we instead get one piece of each so that we can sample each one. They cut them all in half which was very thoughtful of them. The portion for $4 was quite generous. The light batter they use for this was really good. It was crunchy and not too oily. Out of the vermicelli wrapped with seaweed, the deep fried sliced vegetables and the deep fried pork dumpling, I have to say my favourite is the deep fried slice vegetables. They were a mixture of sweet and salty with a really good crunch. My next favourite with be the vermicelli wrapped seaweed. My least favourite would be the dumpling because it was really lacking in filling and could have been slightly more seasoned. They also provide you with a dipping sauce on the side that’s kind of sweet and salty. But they also recommend dipping it in the raboki red sauce.

Rating: 8/10


Finally, we also ordered the Bulgogi Kim bab. Once it hit the table I was like damn that seaweed is so shiny. The seaweed they used didn’t stick to my teeth or get pulled out or anything. It had a generous shining of sesame oil which was great. The ratio of rice to filling was really good, more filling than rice. They also used many different kinds of filling inside ranging from eggs to sesame leafs. It was very refreshing.

Rating: 8/10


Overall: I would give this place a 8/10 and I might have found my new favourite Korean restaurant for snacks

I’ll definitely be back to try their bibimbap and indulge in more of their fried foods.
Yogi Snack Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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