Coffee’s Drank in Hong Kong Part 1

I have a confession to make. I drank way to many … coffee’s in Hong Kong and they were way too overpriced to be worth it. But I guess I did it for the experience? For the pleasure of it.

So what is Hong Kong’s coffee scene like? Well, all I can say is that, Hong Kong’s coffee scene seemed somewhat one dimensional. There are a lot of coffee shops but they don’t have distinct flavours, or at least the ones I visited. They all seemed the same and had the same flavours.

An interesting thing about the coffee shops in Hong Kong is that they didn’t only serve baked goods and coffee, or maybe the occasional crepe or quiche, they actually served legitimate food almost all day. A lot of them served All-day breakfast.

Okay – Let’s start the list, because it’s a long one.

Here are the first 6 of the twelve:


Located at the IFC, Agnes B. Coffee Shop is a combined coffee shop and clothing shop. Here I had the chocolate cake and a latte. Nothing special. That’s all I can say. And it’s on the more expensive side. Rating: 6.5/10


Next up is a coffee shop that has many location, Coffee Academics. I visited the one in Causeway Bay but they have locations on Kowloon side and in Wan Chai as well. They have different flavoured coffees, but the real winner here is their onion rings and nachos. (The churros aren’t that great, don’t get them). Rating: 7.5/10 *Recommended over the other coffee shops*

Another coffee shop in Causeway Bay – Coffee Alley which originated from Taiwan. It’s kind of situated in the alley of Causeway Bay. It’s on the second floor so it can be hard to find. If you check on openrice or yelp or any bloggers blog, you will see pictures of beautiful drinks and waffles and that’s exactly what we had. Beautiful drinks and waffles. I must say, that the waffles were pretty good. The drinks were okay but the waffles were crispy and fluffy and not too sweet. We also shared a curry which was not half bad, we enjoyed it so much we ordered more bread to dip into it. (Extra comment: we found the servers here to be exceptionally well dressed – not like really classy in suits but very fashionable and stylish). Rating: 7.5/10

Next up – this coffee shop is situated in Sheung Wan district – Coffee Compounds. It’s the background of many dramas and interviews because of its secluded, iconic and quiet area. The coffee beans itself tasted somewhat burnt which ruined the coffee. The lemon tart was a little on the sweet side. Rating: 6.5/10

One of the many coffee shops near HKU – Ethos – which I believe is the closest coffee shop. The coffee itself was pretty bad, but the French fries and the sauces accompanying them were the highlight of this coffee shop. The crab wrap was bad, just don’t get it, trust me. Rating: 5/10 – good place for studying though


Another coffee shop in Sheung Wan (there are quite a lot in this district especially the street with this coffee shop) – Filters Lane. The coffee was not bad but not really good either. The food was also mediocre. Rating: 6/10

A general consensus you can get from drinking this many coffees in Hong Kong, is that none of them are strong flavoured. They aren’t robust, they are non-offensive. Not too bitter yet no personality either.



One thought on “Coffee’s Drank in Hong Kong Part 1

  1. mona says:

    These are fair comments. Agnes b is my favorite brand, but its coffee is so so. People in hong kong perceive coffee shop as a place to sit, chat and as a daily routine, without paying much attention on coffee itself (my personal opinion as a hk citizen:) ).

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