Coffee Monday at Choco Coo

Coffee Monday at Choco Coo

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Instagram on Choco coo. Their cakes look so cute and the drinks look cute too so I had to come check them out. Although it is a little far, I was willing to make the trek.

From their reviews on Yelp, I was expecting quite a lot, but after looking at some of the responses on Zomato, I wasn’t so sure enough. So I went it with mixed feelings and wondered whether or not my prediction would be correct.

When we walked in, I was like wow this place is pretty small. Almost everyone there had their laptops out working on stuff so I could see there being quite a wait if it was a weekend or during later hours when SFU students get off class or people get off work.

The cakes are displayed in a case and there are quite a lot of different cakes. But being a matcha advocate, I had to try the matcha cake. There were two matcha cakes but I decided to go for the mousse cake. After ordering the cake and a matcha latte (I told you I was a matcha advocate). I looked around at what everyone else ordered and I noticed everyone else was also ordering this cake. I had high hopes.


But unfortunately, I was let down. I couldn’t even finish the matcha cake. It was too rich for my to handle and the chocolate crunch in the middle was really sweet and overbearing. I admit, it did add a nice crunch but it masked the flavour of the matcha mousse itself. When eaten separately, the matcha mousse tastes only slightly of matcha. The base, which I think consisted of almonds, was a let down. There was not much green tea aroma.

Rating: 5/10


I also ordered the matcha latte which was, I admit, very cute but fairly sweet. It tasted slightly of green tea but more of liquid sugar than anything else. It lacked green tea flavour and it was very strong in the milk flavour

Rating: 6/10

Overall: The cakes look cute, but taste mediocre (at least the one I tried). Don’t be tricked by their appearance like me. Look elsewhere for dessert goodies. Rating: 5.5/10

Alas the hunt for a good green tea dessert place is still in progress.

Choco Coo Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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