Coffee Monday at Porto Coffee


New coffee shop in Vancouver so I had to check it out. We walked in on a Monday at around 11 and found the place quiet full. All the tables were quiet full but it later emptied out at around 12pm. I had the matcha latte, cappuccino and a breakfast sandwich.


I had heard a lot about their sandwiches and how they source locally and from deli’s on commercial. I had the meat sandwich and thought it was just mediocre. Nothing amazing about it, it actually came off a little dry and unappealing. The cheese they used tasted very generic and it definitely needed some kind of sauce to add a creamy texture to it.

Rating: 6/10


When I ordered the matcha latte, they asked me if I wanted it sweetened or not and I asked for sweetened (I like they gave you the option). I thought the matcha latte was not bad, it was not too sweet and had some matcha flavour to it. In my opinion, it could have been a little stronger in matcha flavour.

Rating: 7/10


The cappuccino was kind of sad. After 3 minutes of sitting there, the bubbles started to pop and turned very unappealing to the eyes. The flavours of the espresso in it was also not very good. It had a very strong caramelized almost burnt flavour and I didn’t really like it.

Rating: 6/10


Overall: I thought that it’s a cute coffee shop to sit and work for a few hours but I wouldn’t come back for the food or drinks. 6/10
Porto Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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