Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong!

This place is often compared to BAKE because of its similar cheese tarts which BAKE had first. Hanjuku Kobo is also famous for their soft pillows of cheesecake. They also had a take on the green tea version of the cheese tart. Comparatively, their cheese tarts are bigger and less cheesy and more half baked then the BAKE tarts.

Rating: 7.5/10


Honey Crème is a chain store found in many places in Hong Kong. Since I was in Central and had already tried most of the desserts around, I decided to finally try Honey Crème. I had their popcorn one and thought it was okay. It was on the sweeter side and the soft serve was just standard.

Rating: 6.5/10

Another chain around Hong Kong, Hui Lou Shan, is famous for their take on Hong Kong desserts. I thought it was okay, nothing over the top or anything. But their locations are usually pretty convenient.

Rating: 6/10

Icreameria is another disappointing. It was to expensive and it wasn’t as silky and smooth and as matcha flavoured as I would have preferred it to be.

Rating: 6/10


With quite a few locations around Hong Kong, Lab Made has made quite a good reputation for itself. They have themed ice creams during holidays and I decided to make my way over and try it. They are famous for their nitrogen ice cream. But I thought it was nothing special. It tasted like ice cream out of a box unfortunately.

Rating: 6/10

My Instagram feed has also been popping up with Little Bao almost everyday. Their dessert buns seemed pretty good and although Openrice had quite a few bad reviews for it, I couldn’t resist and still gave it a try. And a realized… that I shouldn’t have. They were WAY overpriced and they were VERY TINY. Don’t be deceived by the picture. It’s very VERY tiny. The man tou or bun itself was nicely fried. But the ice cream melted so quickly, that it made it very messy to eat. Also the ice cream was too icy and didn’t match the bun well.

Rating: 5/10


What can I say? Mister Softee is a childhood favourite and classic. Although it might not be the best ice cream in the world. But because its filled with memories of lining up in front of a truck and watching “Mister Softee” make it, it’s like you are eating a memory.

Rating: priceless


Another egg waffle option would be Mommy Waffles. The wait for them take a bit of time, but other than that it’s worth. The waffles are the standard crispiness and chewiness. I prefer the matcha flavoured ones compared to the regular ones. The matcha ones are pretty strong.

That’s it for Desserts Sweetened in Hong Kong Part 2! Stay tuned for part 3 next week.


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