Exploring Taipei Part 1 – August 2015

Taipei Day 1:




We left the hotel around 11am and headed to the Longshan temple located in Wanhua district. We spend some time there wandering around and since it was so hot we treated ourselves to some 85 degrees.


Let me tell you. 85 degrees C is pretty good for a chain coffee shop. Its got strong coffee flavours with like a bit of charredness to it and it just tastes addictive.


After that I went with my friend to get our fortunes told at the station where Longshan temple is. In the end, I decided not to do it but my friend did and she said… that it was definitely a waste of time and not worth it. But of course its always nice to experience something new. Since there are so many with celebrity faces on it its hard to choose which one to go in.


After that we headed to Ximending where the youngsters usually hangout (as you see I’m not young anymore I mean I just used the word youngsters). They are famous for the red theatre and inside you can watch stuff and you can also buy souvenirs

There is a lot of cool historical stuff inside.


We walked around for a bit, its actually quite big and easy for one to get lost. We didn’t do any shopping here but we did buy the famous big chicken steak.

It’s legit huge. It’s like twice the size of my face and surprisingly for something that’s pretty hyped up, it tastes pretty darn good. It was very crispy on the outside and very hot be careful. It was juicy and overall pretty good, but too big for two people.

I saw the clouds starting to roll in so we decided to go back to the hotel (we were staying at the W hotel). When we arrived at our station we realized that it was pouring outside.


So we decided to buy something to eat to get back to the hotel. I bought some guan dong zhu from 7-11 and although it might be pretty dirty it was still not bad. It definitely warmed me up and it was not too salty.

We also bought some garlic bread from the place near the station (forgot the name I’m sorry but just follow the smell)and it was really good. It had just come out of the oven and was piping hot. The smell was so enticing we just had to get it.

Then finally we were back at the hotel and we spent the day in the hotel looking out at the amazing view and eating cheap and delicious food.

I got a bit peckish for some dessert afterwards so I headed down to get a donut from Mister donut. Everything in Taipei is so connected and so convenient I don’t even need to walk outside to get food.


After all that food, we decided on some McDonalds. They had a shrimp pineapple one and we found it interesting so we got it. It was surprisingly shrimpy.

I also explored the 24 hour bookstore a bit but it was way too big to explore when I was this tired.
SO after all that food and moving around the hotel we went back to the hotel and slept.

End of Day 1

Thoughts: full of food, satisfied and looking for adventure tomorrow.


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