Exploring Taipei Part 2 – August 2015

Day 2 Taipei

I woke up bright and early on the second day so that we could go on a swim in the beautiful pool downstairs. It really is a gorgeous pool and is great when its so hot outside.

The problem with the pool is that its right next to the restaurant in the hotel so everyone can basically watch you while you swim.


Then we headed to Taipei 101 – we didn’t go up to the top but we did walk around inside of it. All of it is just big brands. Nothing really special.

This area is the Xinyi area and it has a lot of malls and stores here. There’s one mall with like 9 floors or something. It’s really a shopping paradise here.

We had some of the food court food and it was okay but really really cheap. The portions were also quite big.



After walking around a bit we decided to go to the Shilin Market.


It’s one of the most famous night markets in Taipei. In 2011, they moved most of the food stalls downstairs to an underground place so that people didn’t have to get wet when it rained. But I found it as somewhat as a food hazard.


We only ate two things at the night market because we were saving ourselves for dinner with relatives later.

We got Big sausage wrapped small sausage (Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang) – it was really good. We got special flavour whatever that means – it tastes a lot like garlic and it in general very juicy and delicious. I would definitely get it again

The underground market had so many stalls and I couldn’t really choose. I finally decided on something light – an oyster omelet. It was not what I’m used to so I didn’t really like it. There weren’t many oysters in it but I did like the sauce.


We also tried this xiao bing which were so cute and filled with meaty deliciousness I could probably eat a million of those.



Then we went for bubble tea at chun shui tang – they claim to have been the first bubble tea places in Taiwan.

I got the lavender bubble tea and it was pretty good. The pearls were a little hard and the bubble tea was really milky.

Afterwards we let the foodie adventures continue and had some soy milk and you tiao(which translates into oily strip) and its like crunchy and oily and good. It’s basically the perfect combination.

And that was the end of the day

Overall thoughts: food in Taiwan is generally pretty good and shopping is pretty good too.

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