Exploring Taipei Part 3 -August 2015

On the third day of our exploration in Taipei, we stayed mostly near the hotel in the Xin Yi district which has, so far, proved to be my favourite district.

It’s laid back and there’s lots to do here. With malls surrounding the area and lots of lively life night, it’s the perfect location for leisurely travel.


I had a coffee early in the morning. I didn’t notice that this coffee shop was here, right across from the W hotel until I finally looked at it carefully. It was the one from the movie mentioned in the title of the coffee shop.



The coffee was truthfully not bad and it really woke me up. It was just a bit on the sweeter side.


We went  back to the food court in the Taipei 101 and tried the Mos burger since I had never had it before. I thought it was okay, but nothing special.

That was basically the end of the day. We were pretty tired from the day before, so we just took it easy. Sorry for the lack of food consumed!



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