Exploring Tainan Part 4 – August 2015

Tainan Day 4

For breakfast we went to this noodle (liang mian) place.


It was pretty good and the side dishes were tasty as well. (keep in mind they are vegetarian)

Driving from Hsinchu to Tainan takes a good 3-4 hours and although its a smooth drive it can get a little boring.

We made a pit stop at a famous pit stop in the middle. There is a lot of food here. I just got a quick coffee and it was quite good.


Moving on we finally get to our hotel and checked in.

We went for lunch at this chicken rice place and it was really small but it wasn’t that good so I didn’t finish it.


After lunch we went to An Ping which was basically the first established place in Taiwan. It’s filled with very old shops and the old Fort Formosa.

It’s very artsy here with lots of hip food yet it has touches of history.


For dinner we went to this beef shop for some hot pot. Now I know what your thinking hot pot in summer I must be insane. But hey, Tainan is famous for beef so I couldn’t not go.

The beef at this place was indeed melt in your mouth but I feel like the way they cut it too small.

The soup base of the hot pot was probably the best soup I’ve tasted up to this point in Taiwan. It was very clean yet it had some really good flavours. It was sweet and savoury and it was perfectly balanced.


We also had some Taiwanese shaved ice to cool off.

Then we headed over to Xin Guang for some shopping – its a department store with basically everything.

I got some bubble tea from Shiny Tea – since we have one in Vancouver I had to compare am I right?

Surprisingly it was better in Vancouver.

After some shopping we went back to the hotel and slept.

It had been a long day of driving and eating and sightseeing and shopping.

Very fun and fulfilled.


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