Korean Drinking Snacks at Hongdae Pocha

I saw the Hongdae Pocha advertisement on Instagram which was 50% off food from Sundays – Thursdays so I had to give it a try since it was such a good deal. Hongdae Pocha is associated with Sura which is just up the street from it. When we walked in there were quiet a few people already which was surprising since it was still early in the night and this was a drinking kind of place. We had a tough time choosing what to eat because they didn’t have a lot of things that we had wanted to eat.

Our alcohol (ordered yogurt soju again) came first but no water or side dishes came. The yogurt soju was watered down with sprite so there was basically no soju taste at all and the yogurt flavour was very watered down. We scanned other tables and ALL of them had side dishes were as we had none. At all. Although the place was packed, it wasn’t super busy. The servers were nowhere to be seen most of the time. If I had to rate the service it would be 0/5 – because there was basically no service. We spent at least 30 minutes trying to find servers or attempt to get their attention.


The first dish finally arrived after around 20 minutes of ordering. The Deok-bo-kki (Ricecake) was a very small portion. There was quiet a bit of deok (rice cake) but not a whole lot of ramen. The cheese added a nice stringiness. The fish cakes were not cut making it hard to share. The overall flavour was okay – not too spicy, slightly sweet.



The Old Fashioned Korean Style Deep-fried chicken was quiet disappointing. The batter was very thick but at least it was nice and crunchy. You could barely tell it was chicken because it lacked the distinct taste of chicken. It’s nice when you’re drunk though.



The Spicy Pork Belly was the most disappointing dish of the night. The pork belly was very dry and obviously over cooked. It was particularly spicy either. The flavouring tasted of gochu jang, soy sauce and some corn syrup. But this dish consisted mostly of veggies and a lot of onions.


**All picture credits go to es_yen**

Recommended: If you drink before the food gets here – which is likely – you won’t be able to taste much so this place would be not bad. The drinks aren’t cheap but if you’re looking for a place with a chilled atmosphere, a lack of servers, old music and dark setting – this is the place for you.

Would I come back – No.

Overall rating: 5/10 – The food was pretty cheap after the student discount and the flavours were acceptable but the service and lack of side dishes and the skimping of the dishes means I will not be back.

If you are getting the student discount – just show them your student card at the end of your meal and all you have to do is sign the clipboard that they provide with your information.


Hongdae Pocha Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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