Exploring Taichung Part 5 – August 2015

Taichung Day 5:

After spending the night in Tainan we started to make our way to Taichung to meet one of our friends.

We went to this Japanese place which was packed full of people.

Then we went to this place for some tea to cool off.

Taichung is more modern than Tainan and has more modern restaurants.


We then went shopping at Xin Guang and also had dinner at the Japanese udon place in the food court.

It’s quite hard to get around Taichung by car because its easy to cross back over to the other side if you aren’t careful. There’s also a lot of places where its hard to turn left into the shopping areas. There is an expensive part of Taichung where the apartments cost a lot which is where all the shopping like Xin Guang and SOGO are.


This place is also at Zhong Yi road. There coffee is pretty good and they are quite popular.

After that we headed to Zhong Yi road where there’s tones of shopping and lots to eat. It’s where are the young people hang out and shop.





Everything is pretty cheap and it’s hard to get lost here

Then we headed back to Hsinchu for the night. Stay tuned for Day 6. Where will I go next in Taiwan?  (Also I apologize for the lack of good quality photos and the lack of site pictures for my SD card seems to have to deleted the ones without food in them…)


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