Wednesday Foodie Getaway at Midam

I ventured out all the way to Burquitlam to get my shaved ice fix, but I would not do it again.

We walked it and found Kobe Bryant at the door ready to greet us (cut out). The whole place was decked out in basketball related objects like a basketball net and air Jordon’s. It was an interesting pick of décor to say the least.


We had the hot pot with fish cake, rice cakes and added ramen to it. This was definitely on the pricey side because I had bought all the ingredients and made this, it would not have this expensive. I thought the rice cakes were the softest rice cakes that I’d ever had. So soft to the point where I found it unappealing. I like my rice cakes stiffer. Also the rice cakes constantly stuck to the bottom of the pan. It was also on the spicier side which I’m okay with.

Rating: 4/10


For dessert we had the green tea shaved ice with green tea mochi, red bean and green tea ice cream. I found the consistency of the ice disappointing. I liked that it was just the right sweetness but it I would have preferred if it had a little more green tea flavour.

Rating: 5/10

Comment on the service: I found that the server was basically non-existent. A lot of the time we would have to venture into the kitchen ourselves to find him.

Overall I thought that the service was slow and the food was pretty bad. Considering that I don’t live near here and the fact that the flavours here aren’t the best, I would not be coming back. 5/10

Midam Cafe & Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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