Updated Tangram Review


Last time I came to Tangram which was back in January (when they were first opening) and didn’t really like it. But my second visit was purposely for their Hojicha flavoured ice cream. I take back everything I said about the texture being icy the first time (the initial review is below). The texture totally took a 360 degree turn and now its creamy and milkier than before. The hojicha flavour was really strong which I liked. I also finally got to try their cone which was to be honest slightly disappointing. It was way too sweet for me and a little too thick. If I were to come again, I would not get the cone.

Overall: 7/10




After hearing the disappointing news that I  had MISSED the first day of tasting on the 6th I was determined to go to the January 9th one. So I arrived at the creamery at 12:30 and there was quite a lot of people there. Their tasting ran from 12-2pm and we managed to try quite a few of their flavours.


I really like their concept of writing the flavours on these rolls of paper. It looks good and it’s easy for people with poor eyesight to see.


The interior was also very nice.


Now the main attraction. The ice cream.


This was our sample of green tea and london fog.

Both of these textures were both on the icy side. It was not very creamy or gelato like at all. But I did however enjoy the strong flavours of the green tea and london fog. You could almost taste the green tea powder in it, which I’m not sure is a good sign or not. The london fog was on the stronger side.


Here we have the lychee and the coffee. The lychee sorbet was pretty good. It had a strong lychee scent and had the right texture for a sorbet. The coffee had a bit of a generic taste. It wasn’t very robust or anything. It just tasted like frozen coffee.

We also sampled the coconut (which had coconut flakes in it) and the black sesame. The coconut was really strong which is great for coconut lovers. The black sesame was also really strong and I enjoyed the aroma of it.

Overall: I loved how strong all the flavours were and the sweetness level of all the ice creams. If I had to choose my favourites it would be Matcha ice cream and lychee sorbet.


PS: Would I come back when it officially opens? I would go back out of curiosity for their houjicha flavour and their Langue de chat ice cream cones.

Leave down in the comments as to whether or not your excited for yet another ice cream place in Vancouver.

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