Exploring Taichung Part 6 – August 2015

Taichung Day 6


After having such a fun day in Taichung, I decided to go again by myself to meet my friend again. I took the high speed railway there because I wanted to try the bian dang (or box food) that Taiwan is so famous for.


It was really filling for a cheap price.

Finally on the high speed railway by myself and enjoying my bian dang (little did I remember that Taichung is only around a 30 minute ride from Hsinchu. I had to eat fast after getting settled!

I got to the station and waited for my friend to meet me.

We then took the bus towards her university where we did a little shopping at the drug store and ate a cheeky little snack.


Chicken egg cake (it’s not actually made with chicken)

  • so cute, so satisfying

Then we headed again to Yi Zhong Street

We went to do a little shopping again because its really a nice place to shop. Also had another snack – takoyaki – wasabi and takoyaki so good, gorgeous


After the takoyaki we decided to head to FENG JIA NIGHT MARKET which was definitely the highlight of the day other than the shopping and chatting with friends and everything but other than that you know.


Feng Jia Night Market – is THE biggest night market in Taiwan.

It covers many streets and is split into two sides. There’s also a lot of shopping. The problem is its kind of far from Zhong Yi street if you wanted to go there for shopping as well.

Now onto the food at Feng Jia Night Market – there were really long lines at a lot of places


There’s a lot of people lining up for Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang which is a specialty here but I didn’t eat it because I wanted to try other things.

There’s so much food here it can be overwhelming.

Grilled Octopus is also another popular night market food. It was so delicious.

I also had watermelon juice which helped cool me down from the hot weather.

We also had skewers (like chicken butt and fish cakes) which were tasty because of the seasonings.


And finally we also had a guabao (like a Chinese sandwich) – with pork inside. Very tasty and peanut-y

And the day was over, I had to get back to Hsinchu and had a great time exploring Taichung and the night market.

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