Exploring Hsinchu Part 7 – August 2015

This was my last day or more like last part of my August trip to Taiwan. Unfortunately I have lost a part of the pictures I took in Taiwan so that’s why a lot of the sights or food that I went to have not been mentioned. If this was done in days, it should actually be 10 days in total, but I’m missing 3 which is why it is listed as parts.

So here we go, my last day before my flight to Hong Kong for the exchange of my lifetime.


First we went to the temple in Hsinchu “downtown” area and had some Taiwanese noodles. What I’ve learned from this first trip to Taiwan is that you can never go too wrong with their food. It’s never so bad that you would not finish a meal or anything.


Next we went to this “old street” in the area (around a 30 minute drive from the middle of Hsinchu) and we just walked around. Since it was a Monday, a lot of the stores were closed. But we were able to make some lei tea which is a mixture of nuts and sesame etc.

Afterwards we went shrimping at one of the shrimping places in Hsinchu. I caught 3 shrimps and I’m so proud. Shrimping is one of the past times in Taiwan and it went un-expectantly slowly. But patience brings great result.


It was a fun and great pass time.

So in general how was my first trip to Taiwan? Was it everything I thought it would be? Well if we are being completely and utterly honest, it was totally different from what I had built up in my head. You see, I’ve wanted to go to Taiwan for such a long time. Ever since I watched my first Taiwanese drama, I was set on going to Taiwan. It’s been 8 years since then and finally my urges have been satisfied. As you see from my travels, I wasn’t able to do everything that I wanted to do. I didn’t do a whole lot of sightseeing nor did I eat everything I had wanted to eat. But it was great catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile and I saw a part of Taiwan that I never thought I would see. Albeit wasn’t the entire picture and I stuck to specific places, it was fun.


Don’t worry though, I’ll be back, sooner than you would expect.

You see, I actually come back in October. So look out for my next post next week on a more thorough and comprehensive exploration of Taipei and the outer areas of Taipei.

I’ll see you very soon Taiwan, very very soon.


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