Green Leaf Sushi – or oily sushi?

I came to Green Leaf Sushi for their pressed sushi and also because of all the Instagram posts.


We started with the octopus (tako) appetizer. When it came to the table we found it to be fairly small compared to other places. The flavours tasted pretty fresh but could have done with a little more seasoning.


Next came the dish that we’d been waiting all night for which was the salmon aburi sushi. Once it landed on the table, we saw a major problem, which was the amount of oil coming out of the sushi. The wooden block was stained with oil. Personally, I love fat, but not like this. The taste itself was also quiet oily and totally coated my mouth, but the flavours were not bad.



For the final roll, I had forgotten which roll we got, but it was one of the deep fried one with peanut sauce and wasabi sauce. This roll tasted pretty much like any other special roll in Vancouver. It was sweet and too complicated to really remember the taste of any of the original ingredients anymore.


Overall: We felt that the service was mediocre. They kind of rushed us with the bill in the end but at the same time when we asked for some attention (like for some tea), it would take a while. 6.5/10

Would I be back: No.

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One thought on “Green Leaf Sushi – or oily sushi?

  1. Food Wench says:

    I completely agree about their greasy aburi! I still enjoyed it, but it made for a very heavy meal. I’ve been waiting for another blog to point it out for awhile now, but you’re the first one. Makes me wonder if other people just aren’t noticing, or if they’re inconsistently greasy.

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