Guide To Shilin Night Market Taiwan


Shilin Night market – the biggest night market in Taipei and also the most well-known. Keep in mind, when you travel there by MRT don’t get off at Shilin but get off at the stop BEFORE Shilin which is Jiantan. It’s closer to the night market.


玉子起士馬鈴薯 had a long line so we decided to join the line and weren’t disappointed. It’s the epitome of decadent and comfort food. There’s cheese, corn, ham AND POTATO involved. I mean you can’t go wrong with that.


Keep in mind, there’s an outdoor area and an underground area for the food at Shilin Market. The underground market was newly developed, I believe, in 2011.


Underground you can find Tainan Guan Cai ban (coffin) 台南棺材板. It might not sound appetizing but it’s basically just fried bread with tons of fillings such as corn, ham and meat. It’s an interesting dish which resembles Taiwan’s innovative side.



I know that Raohe is the night market famous for the Hujiao bing but seeing as the line wasn’t very long we decided to get it here instead of at Rao He. It was pretty delicious. It was crunchy and juicy and meaty.


We also had a oyster pancake from a random stall because we were craving it, but it wasn’t that good so I won’t say which place it was. I was just satisfied that I got to eat it.


Next to the Shilin Temple – you’ll find this place that sells Big sausage wrap small sausage which is essentially Sticky rice sausage wrapping a small sausage. You can pick your flavour/ sauce. This dish is pretty tasty. The rice gives it that chewiness. The first bite of the sausage, the juices just explode in your mouth and it’s amazing. I ate it twice. It goes really well with the Taiwanese beer you can buy in the convenience store next to this place. Taiwanese pineapple beer is delicious and you can drink it while walking around in Taiwan.


We also had these buns with meat which were delicious. They were crunchy and fragrant from the sesame.


Shilin Night Market can be somewhat hard to navigate so be careful. The busier the street your on the less likely you are to get lost.

My Must eats at Shilin Night Market are the Big sausage wrap small sausage and the cheese potato comfort food.




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