Dinner at Guu Otokomae

We came to Guu Otokomae in Gaston for a relaxed early dinner. The layout of this Guu is interesting because it’s upstairs and split between two levels.

The service was not overbearing and was prompt as well.


We started with the fried shrimp (ebi). I felt that the batter was pretty disappointing – it was light but not crunchy at all. The shrimp had soaked up all the oil – making it a disappointing dish.



Next up the main dish we had come for which was the beef miso stew. This was much smaller than what we had imagined. The main flavour component of this dish was sweet because of the onions. The flavours were very heavy but I wished that there was more meat in it and that it could have been saltier.



Finally the takoyaki. This was some disappointing takoyaki. There was not much seafood inside and the outside was very soft and not crunchy at all. The least appealing dish of the night.



Overall Rating: 6/10 – Most disappointing Guu I’ve been to thus far. The food was disappointing and the flavours were mediocre.
Guu Otokomae Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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