Guide to the Gong Guan Area – Taipei

Gong Guan is an area filled with students because it’s near the National Taiwan University. It’s also an area filled with great food. Because the streets of this area are hard to navigate. I can only tell you what there is in this district and if you think it looks good. Feel free to try and find it. It’s not hard because it’s all on the internet and if you read Chinese, it’ll be even easier.


First up the bubble tea from Gong Guan Area is really famous. 陳三鼎青蛙鮮奶 is known for using actually milk instead of powder milk. It tastes of basically just fresh milk and taopioca peals that have been soaked in brown sugar. It basically contains no tea in this drink and taste like caramel. The bubbles are fresh and are nice and chewy. If you like caramel, you’ll enjoy this drink.


Next up is this Gua Bao  (藍家割包). This place usually has a long line but we came at night so it wasn’t as busy. The man tou or bread that they wrap the meat in is warm and fluffy. The meat itself was not too fatty and not too skinny. There was a good amount of peanuts to give it that crunch and the cilantro gave it freshness. It was just plain delicious.


Across the street from the Gua Bao place and down a few stores is this place that sells soup with noodles and fish cake type things. It’s pretty good as well.


Finally we finished it off with some good old Taiwanese Ice or “chua bing臺一牛奶大王. The ice was nicely shaved and perfect for getting that dessert craving satisfied.




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