Guide to Rao He Night Market


Raohe Night Market is one of the most famous night markets after Shilin Night Market. We started with a random place for their stinky tofu. It was alright – not worth eating again.


Then we had Skewers from this place which was not bad.


Raohe is famous for their pork bone soup in medicine broth. It doesn’t sound appealing but trust me, it’s really good. Chen Dong 陳董 is the place to go for this. There are other places but this is THE PLACE to go. The flavours are there and they are generous with the portions.


I saw people lining up for this Yu Zi Shao 玉子燒. Then when we got close, we saw that it had been on Kangxi which made me even more excited. The Yu zi Shao was actually not half bad. It was really rich but was satisfying comfort food.



For dessert we had this rose crepe which I had also heard about before coming here. 8nana crepe. It was slightly expensive compared to other things at the night market. But the fillings were generous. It also wasn’t overly sweet considering the brownies and chocolate sauce. The servers were also very friendly.


Now Raohe is MOST famous for it’s Rao He Shao Bing – but we had already had it in Shilin and didn’t feel like lining up for it again so we didn’t. Just know, that it’s pretty good. The pepper flavour is strong and the meat is juicy. The dough is crispy. What more would you want?

My MUST EATS at RaoHe Night Market are the Pork bone soup and the Shao Bing. Don’t leave Taipei without eating them.


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