Guide to Shida Night Market Taipei Taiwan

Take the MRT to Taipower Building station台電大樓 on the GREEN LINE. Then take exit 4 and then just follow the crowd. This night market isn’t particularly obvious. There’s no sign so you’ll just have to follow the people or ask. It’s inbetween the small roads.

Each Night market in Taiwan, has its own selling point. This night market in particular is very close to a university so it caters specifically to university students.

Surprisingly there were many Hong Kong tourists here as well. Obviously I’m the only one that didn’t know that this was the night market to visit.

A lot of the shops here sell clothes that are for university students – lots of Korean style stores and they are relatively price. The prices can range from 150-300 TWD for a pair of pants and there are also pricier and better quality shops that can range from 400-1000TWD. So there are definitely a variety of clothing stores and styles here.

This guide will focus mostly on the food here, because come on that’s the real focus of any trip.


My first stop was definitely 許記生煎包 (xujishengjianbao). I’d heard many good things about them. To be honest when I got to the night market it was difficult to find this place because its not on the main Shida night market street its on one of the side streets in the middle of the night market. But you’ll spot it from the main night market road because of the people lining up.

When you spot this sign:


Go to the side of the stall and grab a ticket. When its your tickets turn you tell them how much you want and pay and they will give it to you.

Now this is important, make sure you eat it and don’t let it soak in the box because it won’t be crunchy anymore (I mean that’s common sense right). But I mean either way it still tastes brilliant no matter what.

This 生煎包 was actually amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by the flavourful punch I got from the meat. The skin wasn’t too thick or doughy it was just right. There was a good amount of juices which is very surprising. These are really small so you might want to get 2 boxes to share instead of just one like I did.

Moving on we had no plan from this point on. We just literally ate everything from this point on.

There was this one stall with a huge line that was selling chicken (which we had already had that day) so we didn’t line up for it. But a lot of people were lining up for it so maybe you should to. Taiwan is definitely a place where when there’s a line it’s probably going to be good.

There was another stall that was selling braised goods but we had also had that earlier in the day so we didn’t line up for it. There was also quite a long line at this place, but they were very quick so the line went very quickly.


So Next stop we spotted a gua bao while we were eating out sheng jian bao so we quickly jumped in line to get some. We got the mixed fat and skinny meat. The owner filled it up quite a lot. It was pretty good and on the sweeter side. I would have preferred a lighter bun.

Moving on we spotted a HUGE line for pineapple buns. I know what your thinking, pineapple buns? But weren’t you just coming from Hong Kong the LAND of Pineapple buns? And the answer is yes but I mean when in Rome do what the romans do and since so many Taiwan people were lining up for it I went for it.


We got the pineapple bun with butter in it and it was served warm. It was actually pretty good but on the pricier side for a night market. If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been listing prices and that’s because it was so cheap at the end of the day we only spend around $5 USD at the night market.


What goes best with pineapple buns? Milk tea!

At another stall they were selling Indonesian milk tea so I had to get some. It was really milk tea and a show because they would drag the milk tea from high up. It was definitely very entertaining.


Moving on, we had split up so that I could order the pineapple bun and my friends could order lamb sticks and the lamb was well seasoned and great if you are craving things on a stick.


We were so stuffed after all this delicious food!

Hope you find this guide helpful. This was in the exact order I came upon them from the beginning of the night market. So if you follow it you will see the same things in the same order!



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