Homey Korean food at Ma Dang Goul

I was craving Korean food so we decided on heading Downtown for some. But we didn’t want anything from Sura or from Jang Mo Jib so we settled on Ma Dang Goul which I’ve had before.

We ordered the bibimbap with pork, pan fried pork, japchae, chicken wings and seafood pancake.


The bibimbap with pork was not bad. The portion was quiet large and the pork was marinated pork which gave it extra flavour without the bibimbap sauce.



The pan fried pork was okay – the meat was kind of chewy and sweet.



The japchae was very disappointing. It lacked meat and the portion was very small. It also lacked flavouring – needed salt and soy sauce.



The chicken wings were actually not half bad. They were cooked nicely – not over cooked and quiet juicy and meaty. But again, it was on the sweet side.


The seafood pancake was definitely the highlight of the meal. It also took the longest time to come out but it was also the most delicious. There was a good amount of seafood and the outside was nice and crunchy. It wasn’t too dense or floury like other seafood pancakes but filled with good fillings.



Something I found with all of the dishes here was that they were on the sweeter side and had a bit of MSG flavouring to it.

Would I come again – no.

Rating: 6.5/10 – The service was okay – and the food was MSG and sugar filled. Not the best Korean food out there, but not the worst either.

MDG Ma Dang Goul Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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